Your Vocal Warmup – Duration & Intensity

Image by Pexels at Pixabay
Vocal Coach for Journey and Aerosmith, Mark Baxter shares essential insight on your singing warmups.

Falling into a rut with your singing warmups can actually prevent you from being truly ready for your performance.

That’s the message of Mark Baxter throughout this warmup series.

So, how long should you warm up for? And what should the intensity be of that warmup?

Mark says that two important factors will lead you to the answer:

  1. The Condition of Your Voice
  2. The Length of Your Performance

See the chart below to get the idea of how this will work in practice:

The duration and intensity of your warmup is determined by two important factors.

The largest circle indicates that you will want to have a long and intense warm up if your vocal condition is strong and your performance is short. The smallest circle indicates that you will do precisely the opposite when your vocal condition is weak and you are facing a long performance.

Ensure that your singing warmups reflect this wisdom – so that you can truly be ready for your performance.

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