You Can Be Artistically Free

"...Trust that you belong in the sky." --Emily Braden

Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel “free” when singing for others? To be able to express what’s inside you with no hesitation, no inhibition? To be totally in the moment? Well, guess what? Anyone can foster and develop expressiveness and creativity. In fact, Singdaptive instructor, Emily Braden, thinks we all have it in us.

This is what we are meant to do as creative people. Learn how to use your voice as your wings, so to speak, to fly and explore these new possibilities and to trust that you belong in the sky.

–Emily Braden

Inspiring! But what a challenge. How can you trust that you belong in the sky? There are many ways to expand your creative and expressive potential – whether you are singing in a choir or a cover band, and Singdaptive instructor Emily Braden can help you get there.

Which step of creativity are you ready to take? Perhaps you are ready to write some song lyrics, or maybe you just want to feel more “at peace” when on stage. No matter your next step, you have something unique to share with this world through singing. You belong in the sky.

Enjoy the rest of this video in fall 2019 on, along with many more lessons from Emily Braden on phrasing, improvising and song-writing.

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