Why is SingerPath Important?

Seeing a reflection of your journey as a singer is an inspiring step in defining your path to improvement and satisfaction.

The team at Singdaptive is well into a big push to launch the 1st multi-instructor adaptive learning platform for singers. A couple of weeks ago we talked about our lesson catalog. Last week we talked about Actions – a specific feature of our lessons. But what about SingerPath?

Some of you may already have your SingerPath profile after taking our fun and challenging singer survey. For others, you may be asking, “What is SingerPath?”

What is SingerPath?

SingerPath is a unique personality profile for singers. You’re SingerPath profile is an opportunity to see where you’ve been as well as think about where you really want to go with your singing. It also takes stock of your skills and experience.

If you don’t already have a Singdaptive account and SingerPath profile, sign-up to the survey and Singdaptive.

But Why is it Important?

SingerPath is important to any singer who values learning. Learning may be done in a group or alone, but it is always a personal experience. Everyone learns differently and everyone has different things they want to learn. SingerPath is what makes learning at Singdaptive personal.

SingerPath, and the values and interests that root it, connect to every part of the Singdaptive learning platform. Our curriculum is created from the same foundations as SingerPath. Course recommendations, quizzes, and updates to your profile are pulled from your unique profile.

What makes your learning experience at Singdaptive effective is your passion, our team of instructors and the fact that our platform knows you uniquely.

Less About Us, More About You

Yes, SingerPath informs our whole platform, but the profile itself is invaluable to each singer who has one. Singers who read their profile get to see a reflection of themselves that is sometimes difficult to find elsewhere. We haven’t spoken to any singer who hasn’t learned something new by just taking the survey and reading their profile.

Learn More About SingerPath

If you want get behind the SingerPath story a bit more, read this article where the founders of Singdaptive chatted about the creation of SingerPath online.

You can also learn more about the values and science behind the survey.

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