Why every Singer Should Record

Recording your voice on a smartphone is one of the most powerful steps you can take towards vocal development. Without any fancy audio know-how, you can harness one of the most powerful rehearsal tools of all time: hearing yourself.

“Wait! No! I hate hearing myself!” comes the resounding cry of many singers, especially those who are not used to hearing a recording of their voice. There is an acoustical reason for that shock and horror you experience when listening to a recording of yourself.

“What we hear in our head when we sing is much different than when it’s played back from a speaker. And so, getting comfortable with what your voice sounds like – no matter what kind of singing you are doing – is a great way of deciding what you think about your voice and what you want to change about your voice. So, record on your smartphone.”

–Kevin Alexander

Beginners and pros alike should be in the habit of recording themselves when practicing or performing, as it is one of the most powerful ways to understand and analyze your own voice. Many of us singers are lucky enough to have a smartphone, or have access to a smartphone, which means hearing your own voice in a recording is easier than ever before.

Kevin Alexander, a Singdaptive instructor in the area of acoustics and audio, has helped countless singers learn how to harness simple tools and techniques to ensure their voice reaches their listeners in the most powerful way.

You will find Kevin Alexander‘s complete lesson on how to record your on your smartphone, plus many more lessons on how to harness audio for your singing at Singdaptive.com in fall 2019.

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