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Understand why some voice teachers are different from others...
Published: June 29, 2021

Why Different Voice Training Approaches?

Ever wonder what makes singing teachers different from one another – and what makes them the same? 

Well, there are constants and variables in singing education. Constants: the way the muscles and tissues of the body must move to produce a certain sound is generally known by any good voice teacher. Experienced teachers know how the voice works and what we need to do, physically speaking, to produce a given sound. 

No matter which voice training method you may come across, you can be certain that no method can argue with the science of the body and the physics of sound. Different methods may use different terminology, but if the method is based in current vocal pedagogy and voice science it will be delivering guidance based on those constants.

Variables: these come into play when you consider the art of teaching. Helping someone achieve exactly the right movements to coordinate their body to produce a certain sound in a healthy way may be a matter of finding just the right imagery, or just the right story. This is where each voice teacher is different, and will use different approaches with each different student.

The guidance of good teachers will always be rooted in sound understanding of voice function and physiology, but the methods they use to help you achieve a given technique in your own voice will vary. The great advantage of having a variety of different teaching approaches out there, is that singers can find teachers who use imagery, ideas and tricks that connect with them.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

Understand Vocal Training Options

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