What Singdaptive is up to in 2018

Here are Greg Barker, Kathy Alexander and Kevin Alexander at work
The Singsician Team: Greg Barker, Kathy Alexander and Kevin Alexander.
If you are new to Singdaptive (come to think of it, so are we…), all you need to know is that we are developing an e-learning site for singers of all genres - all over the world.

What makes Singdaptive different is that we take an inclusive approach to insights from experts – not just featuring the views of a single coach, artist, doctor, therapist or engineer.

We identify leaders in each field and invite them to share their insights. Here are the values guiding us.

Here’s what we’re up to in January 2018:

The site is launched!  We are really happy to be populating Singdaptive with content from top people – you’ll see an articles from:

Yes, we’re re-tweaking our tweaked survey. One of the goals we want Singdaptive to meet is to connect every singer with just the right content for their needs. So, we created a survey and have tested it with dozens of singers. Now we are re-engineering the survey for another test. Eventually this is going to become a featured site experience – but not before even more testing happens!

We’re still bibliophiles. We’re so pleased to be in touch with some of the leading contributors to The Ultimate Guide to Singing about creating new resources for singers. Our goal is to get specialists in all areas relevant to singers (from surgery to social media) to communicate their insights.

learning outcomes for singsician
Working on learning outcomes the old-fashioned, off-line way…

An avalanche of learning outcomes. We’ve got our sights aimed at creating e-learning resources. Of course, we really just want to get out there and start filming, writing, and creating interactive tools!  But we’ve decided to take some lessons from our University experience: we have just written over 150 learning outcomes for singers which will be the framework for all of the e-resources to come.

Mark’s podcast is coming! Many of you know Mark Baxter, the vocal coach for Journey, Aerosmith, Goo Goo Dolls and many others… Mark is a ‘renaissance coach’ – someone who has developed an amazing expertise across a range of disciplines relevant to singers. Mark’s podcast for Singdaptive will be out this year!

Here is Milo; she has had a long session trying to read these awesome books on vocal technique. However, Milo’s natural, primal barking technique cuts through any venue!

-Greg, Kevin and Kathy 

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