What Should I Sing? | How to Make the Right Song Choices

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Become more authentic and choose songs you love.
Published: July 13, 2021

What Should I Sing?

Listen to your gut, and choose songs that you simply love. There is nothing better than being in love with a song. When you sing a song you truly adore, you feel a lightness and a joy – even amidst the nerves of performance. Much like falling in love with a human being, the song surprises you during the learning process with just how amazing it really is. It may take you by surprise that there are so many clever, beautiful or funny aspects to the song that you didn’t notice at first. 

Now, the challenge that many of us face, is knowing if a song is right for us. Does the song help my personality and my voice shine? Do I have the skill to do this song well? Is it a song that other people will like? 

These questions can be very difficult for a singer to answer on their own, which is why we must lean on our singer friends and community. One strategy is to learn three or four songs as well as you can, and then sing a segment of each song for a singer friend or your singing teacher or choir director, and ask them to tell you which songs help you shine the most. Your goal is to then consider your own opinion as well as the other person’s opinion to help you decide which songs to bring to an audience.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

How to Make the Right Song Choices

Mark Baxter explains exactly how to establish your vocal identity and choose songs that are right for you in his lesson on How to Make the Right Song Choices.

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Tips for Singing Authentically

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She Wins Them Over

This remarkable 1958 performance by “song-stylist” Anita O’Day has to win over a tough audience!

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