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Have you run into vocal fold injuries or irritation? You’re not alone!
Originally published: May 19, 2020
Updated: January 22, 202

What is Voice Therapy?

Depending on how demanding our singing tasks are, how well-suited we are for the sounds we are trying to make, and general factors of health and environment, some singers encounter vocal health troubles often, while others never have a single worry. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Despite their best efforts, many singers find themselves feeling hoarse or losing their voice at some time or another. The reality is, that many singers will now and again run into vocal fold injuries or vocal fold irritation that will manifest as reduced range, power and flexibility. This can be stressful and demoralizing, especially if others are counting on them for some kind of project such as a stage production, choral concert or performance in a cover band.

The good news is, that almost all vocal fold injuries and voice changes can not only heal, but also be fully eradicated with voice therapy. In the case of a vocal fold injury (such as nodules), ENT doctors will tell you what to do to heal, and make sure you heal as quickly as possible. Once you are healed, however, there is almost always work to do. A post-injury singer often finds that their voice still doesn’t quite function normally, even though the injury has visibly healed. Furthermore, singers want to make sure they avoid whatever factors led to their injury in the first place. A voice therapist (speech-pathologist, speech-therapist, vocologist) will train you to bring your voice back to full function, and will coach you how to move ahead with your singing and speaking commitments, yet avoid a repeat injury. Voice therapists are like the guardian angels of singers! 

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Quote of the Week

“Make every performance a deeply felt, honest and fearless declaration of your soul.” — Lisa Popeil. Lisa is one of our instructors at Singdaptive – take video lessons and courses from her with your premium account.

How to Handle Mistakes Mentally

The past does not equal the present. This is the message Simone Niles, vocalist and transformational coach, teaches singers who are struggling with making mistakes and the fear of making mistakes on stage. She explains that a mistake is just feedback. To learn more from Simone Niles on how to handle and think about mistakes, get your premium account and take her course on Singdaptive. 

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