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Is there a secret elixir for the voice? Can singers have a coffee?
Published: January 19, 2021

Water & Your Voice

Here are some essential facts on hydration emphasized recently by our Singdaptive Instructors:


Your vocal folds are hydrated from the “inside out”; that is, no food or drink directly touches the folds. The water you need is transferred from your stomach, into your bloodstream and onward to your larynx. This process can take at least 20 minutes on an empty stomach. This is why Vocal Coach to Journey and Aerosmith, Mark Baxter, says that what works with A-List singers works for ALL singers: sipping water through the day; this keeps the folds well lubricated and less prone to swelling.


It’s often thought that caffeine is a diuretic and therefore dries out the voice. However renowned otolaryngologist Anthony F. Jahn, an advisor at Singdaptive, notes that urologists say that this is not the case. Caffeine merely has the effect of triggering the bladder so that we want to urinate in smaller amounts more frequently. So, don’t worry about having a cup of coffee. Dr. Jahn notes, however, that excessive amounts of caffeine can cause some loss of neuromuscular control, resulting in a slight voice tremor.


Products are marketed to singers to make the intake of fluids more attractive: special teas, juices, and sugar-free drinks with natural or non-natural additives. When these drinks contain natural products, they may have some positive effects, or are, at least, harmless (if used in moderation and there are no allergic reactions) – but what is most important is the water they contain (see fact 1!). While we’re talking about water, another way to get soothing water onto your vocal folds is by inhaling steam. But watch out for nebulized mist – this is not the same as steam and should be used with guidance of a doctor.

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Steamer or Nebulizers – What’s the Diff?

This straightforward explanation from renowned otolaryngologist Dr. Anthony F. Jahn will ensure you know the critical differences between steamers, vaporizers, and nebulizers. 

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