Wake Up Your Tongue with these Exercises

Cat yawning with its tongue out

Juliet Russel speaks about many ideas when trying to power your practice to something you enjoy and sparks creativity. These tongue exercises can be a great start to waking up your articulation.

“Clean” your Teeth – Exercise #1

  • Move tongue the front and back of your teeth
  • Keep the lips closed

Four Directions – Exercise #2              

  • Outside of the mouth, move the tongue up, down, left, and right

“Lion” – Exercise #3

  • Stick the tongue out (make sure it’s flat)
  • Give a breathy roar

Tongue Trill – Exercise #4

  • Do a tongue roll with “sirens”
  • Do a tongue roll at the beginning of a phrase (Rrrraaaaaaah, Rrrreeeeeee, etc.)

“Tip of the Tongue” Tongue Twister – Exercise #5

  • “The tip of the tongue and the teeth and the lips”
  •  Note the different sounds on “t” and “d”
  • Try an exercise using “tada data”

           *Remember to do this at a pace where accuracy is not compromised (be accurate), Speed up incrementally

“Tikki ta tay” Tongue Twister – Exercise #6

  • Tikki ta tay
  • Ta ti ta 
  • Ta tikki ta     x4
  • Use different combinations of consonants (Deggi da day, Flikka fla flay, etc.)

“Like a Gherkin” – Exercise #7

  • To the tune of Madonna’s “Like a virgin”
  • Move up the scale
  • Energize the “G” and “K”

Working the “G” – Exercise #8

  • “Gogogogogogo” “geegeegeegeegee” “gaaagaagaagaa” “googoogoogoo”
  • Work on clarity and energy of consonant and vowel
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