Vocal Health — Can’t Get Enough Of It!

From breathing exercises to lip trills, singers share the vocal health tips that have been most effective for them.

After chatting with some singers we like on Instagram about vocal health, here’s what they shared about their routines and revelations that reinforce great vocal health habits!

All about that breath support

KikiEva @kikievamusic — My vocal technique is something I only really started learning in the last few years, so for me right now it’s about reversing a lot of unhealthy techniques that I’ve been doing for years. One thing which has been a game changer is training myself to have good breath support, because that allows you to sing with more strength and less tension. An exercise which has helped me with that is literally lying on the floor and breathing with a book on my stomach and then lying on my front and breathing with it on my back; that helps to engage the muscles of your diaphragm and also the back muscles which are really helpful for good breath support.

Practice with patience

Alyssa Soleil @alyssasoleil — Something I’ve learned about my voice throughout the years has been, honestly, the more you train it, the better it will become. Practice makes perfect, and just like anything else, it takes time! I honestly think singers, including me, need a huge amount of patience in because for some songs you just need to try and try again until you get it right- which is okay!

Check yourself before you wreck your voice!

Kaleigh Noakes @kaleighnoakesfemalevocalist27 — I have learned not to overwork my voice during performances and to know my limits! I’m quite ambitious when I want to learn new things, but there have been times when this ambition has hindered me causing me to push too hard and lose my voice. I have learned to have patience when learning new skills and not to push too much too soon.

Warm up with some lip rolls/trills!

Kayode Disu @kayodedisu— One thing I’ve learnt that has really been a game changer for me is the fact that a simple vocal warm up exercise can really be a great help to your singing career if done consistently. Many singers often look for a fast way to sing better, but a consistent vocal warm up exercise can be most efficient. For my warm up/exercise, the lip roll has always been a great help for me. I use the lip roll to run scales. I also use the lip roll, running back and forth from my head voice to my chest voice and that exercise seems to help in a lot of ways which also includes a smooth transition from head voice to chest voice and vice versa while singing. I also often run the first five notes of the diatonic scale, and I do that often with modulation and at other times changing the octave completely, that seems to help my range a lot.

Your favorite artists as references…

Ruu @ruu_melodies — Your voice is like any other muscle or body part. The more your train it, the stronger it becomes. I’ve never taken vocal classes but I hope one day I will. In the time being what works for me is that I watch my favourite artists perform and learn from them. Take Aurora as an example, she has a wide vocal range. So I sing along her songs, trying to follow her range and I keep trying and repeating her songs till I reach my goal. I also usually pick a song that has different ranges but not too hard to sing in order to warm up my voice and it’s usually this song: “Runaway” by The Corrs.

More about our contributors:

Kaleigh Noakes

Hello, My name is Kaleigh Noakes I am 25 years old and I am a female vocalist based in South Wales. I started singing about 7 years ago in amateur dramatics groups and then 5 years ago I entered competitions and took part in charity events. I am a part of a network within music and also help out giving support and guidance to those who want to start in the industry. I am a team member of Talent Search Cymru which has not only helped me as a performer to develop my skills but it has allowed me to make friends and watch other talents grow the transformation in some talent is remarkable. I currently gig on the circuit which I have been doing for over a year now. I love to perform where and when I can! It’s a release from my day job. I also work as a community Psychiatric Nurse for the National Health Service. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Ruu wants to inspire others through music and she always encourages others to pursue their dreams; because it’s never too late! She always wanted to learn the guitar and perform since she was a young child but never did. Ruu started singing Karaoke back in 2004 and since then she realized how her singing has a positive effect on her and those around her. In January 2018, she started learning the guitar to complement her singing any time, any where! In 2020, she started her Instagram and YouTube! Follow her as she follows her dreams!

Kayode Disu

Kayode Disu is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Nigeria. He started his journey into the world of music at a very young age as a drummer in his local church. Throughout his days in school, he has always been involved in music groups and has occasionally led as Music Director, helping other band members discover their sound and maximize their potential. He has released his debut Single, titled “Yes Lord” and has a couple of other music recording projects in progress at the studio. As a Music Producer, leveraging advancements in technology, he has been able to produce several artists from different parts of the world, including USA, China, Germany, Portugal and many more. One of his works as a producer includes “No longer Bound” by Valderine Charlton (USA). The song is available on You Tube. He is experienced in many genres of music but has a particular love for Christian Pop/Rock. He is passionate about music and believes that good music can bring healing, restoration, strength, hope and love to humanity.


My name is KikiEva and I am an 18 year old pop/rnb singer songwriter from the UK. I have been singing since I was four years old and writing songs since I was 6. I write all of my own music and I also produce a large amount of my own music. I wrote my first single Made in Miami and it was produced by my brother. The song is literally about going to Miami and getting over a heartbreak; it’s about feeling like you have gained a new perspective- that you don’t need this person because you see what the world has to offer. Made in Miami was released in April of this year and is available to stream on YouTube and soundcloud now! YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | Soundcloud

Alyssa Soleil

Alyssa Soleil @alyssa.soleil is a 16 year old Mexican-American singer and actress. She is known for her appearances on Chicago P.D. (2014), Es Un Show (2019), and The Voice Kids (2013) according to IMDB.

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