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Here's one secret that leads to a rich, mixed vocal tone...
Published: May 4, 2021

Unlock Your Mixed Voice

Despite my training in classical music, I have been singing pop, rock and musical theatre songs ever since – and rarely sing classically. Until very recently, however, I have found that my voice lacked the thicker sound of pop singers. Try as I might, I was never really able to belt or get that pop “mixed” voice. I knew a lot about voice function, so I thought I should be able to figure it out. 

In the end, I went to a voice teacher to help me prepare for a lead role I was playing in a community production. She helped me unlock that pop sound that had eluded me for so long, and I even started being able to belt!

Why couldn’t I do it before? Well, it was mostly tension in my throat and tongue. Damn you, tension! Over the years following my classical training, while I had been singing other genres, I had developed some very bad habits keeping tightness in my throat and tongue. My voice teacher was both a classical and contemporary teacher, and she showed me how to adjust my vocal tract shape from the classical setting to pop, but the biggest issue was tension. I just had to release certain muscles that I didn’t even know I was holding. Go figure!

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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