Tips for better audio behind your videos!

Bethan-Wyn, UK based singer/songwriter/actress gives us a behind the scenes look into her recording process for compelling live video content.

Bethan-Wyn is an artist that we recently came across on Instagram @bethanwynmusic who blew our minds with her video content. The audio mixes behind her live videos will make you feel like you’re in the room with her. By plugging in her audio directly to a recording software while she videos herself, she’s able to achieve audio that is clear and perfectly balanced to showcase her voice.

We couldn’t help but reach out to her to get to know more about her setup!

What equipment do you use to get such great sound on your videos?

All the equipment I have I’ve spent years investing in, so I appreciate the value of it – it’s not an overnight buy (unless you have the pennies).

I own a Taylor GS Mini Acoustic guitar, Les Paul Epiphone Electric guitar, a Yamaha P125 digital piano, a Scarlett double interface, Marshall headphones, a Rode Condenser Mic with pop shield & sound booth. I use Garageband as my software to record the audio for my videos. I wouldn’t consider myself a music wiz so some programmes can get quite complex & I prefer to leave that to the engineer experts.

Bethan’s instruments consisting of a Taylor GS Mini Acoustic guitar, Epiphone Les Paul, and a Yamaha P125 digital piano. (2020)

What do you like about using GarageBand?

Working with GarageBand is perfect for the live-lounge style music I produce. It’s great for socials, easy to use, and ideal for musicians wanting to release high sound quality content on a frequent basis without breaking the bank. (If I were to get an EP together, I would of course invest in a proper studio setup working alongside producers who know their stuff!)
Bethan delivering a stunning performance of ‘Get Here If You Can” on piano/vocals. (2020)

After recording, how do you combine the audio mix with the live video?

I just dub the audio over the video using iMovie.

Pictured: Yamaha P125 digital piano, pop shield over Rode Condenser Mic, mounted sound booth, Marshall headphones, MacBook for GarageBand, and a Scarlett double interface. (2020)

Have you done any live streams? What’s your setup?

I have done live streams as well, but not the same set up. When I live stream, I use the mic & keys previously mentioned, and I input them directly into a Roland Amp. From there, I film the livestreams via my phone!

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Bethan-Wyn is a UK based singer, songwriter & actress. She began her career with an MA at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Classically trained, but raised on vinyls, her love of old school jazz, blues & soul has hugely influenced her style, but given a fresh twist with a  rich, contemporary sound. Find out more about Bethan and her music at Instagram | Facebook

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