This Choir Doesn’t Stop at Hollywood Films

Scala & the Kolacny Brothers redefine choral music with arrangements of pop, rock, and alternative hits.

How did Scala begin to get film placements in Hollywood films?

One day we received an e-mail from a Hollywood producer, and at first, we thought it was a joke! It turned out to be the producer of the trailer of the movie ‘The Social Network’. They wanted to use our version of ‘Creep’ (originally performed by Radiohead). Since then, many television series and movies have been using music of Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

What was a turning point in the life of your choir?

The switch of repertoire in our choir since 2001 – from a classical repertoire towards arrangements of contemporary rock- and pop songs. We had the feeling that we couldn’t add anything ‘new’ to the classical choir music anymore. There are so many good interpretations of fine classical music. We wanted to try to make a difference.


Choir Name: Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Location: Aarschot – Belgium
Style: Indie Rock & Pop
Number of singers: 150
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What did it take to adapt?

We developed a high quality way of amplifying our choir, using individual headset microphones, but – at the same time – searching for nice ‘choir sound’. It was not easy! Our first show in Germany for Radio Fritz in Berlin: it was terribly hot and our soundcheck took about 5 hours!

Favorite inspirational quote?

Never say ‘never’!

What was a very special performance and what made it special?

Our performance in Montreal at the ‘Just pour rire’ festival. We were literally surrounded by string players, fireworks, video projections, and 200 Canadian choir singers … in a big ‘wall of sound’. Magnificent project!

Can you tell us about an emotional moment you had in a performance?

When my children attended our show for the first time, they tried to imitate me conducting! Additionally, after the show, my daughter told me after that she liked the video projection during a song. It was a song about her, and the video clip was of herself!

What is a juicy fact about yourself you love to tell your choir members?

That I failed only one exam in my entire musical training: choir conducting (true story!)

What is your favorite story while on tour?

We were once touring in Canada and played a live performance of Damien Rice’s ‘The Blower’s’ Daughter”  at a radio station. While singing, there was a constant very strange noise at the background: it appeared that the presenter of the show was crying.

From the Wall of Sound Concert in Montreal, Canada (2009)

Are there any Scala traditions that occur when members join?

We make sure that there is a ‘godmother’ in the group looking after the new singer, and making sure that the new singer feels that she is welcome in the choir. Also, the godmother with help answer any questions on scores/parts and prep the new singer on the “do’s and don’ts”.

A favorite piece of repertoire & why:

“Evigheden” : song for treble choir of the Danish composer Michael Bojesen. Wonderful piece of music: it starts very simple with an unison melody. After this melody, a wonderful vocalise develops. Truly great music!

How would you describe working with your brother as the arranger/pianist?

We have been playing music together more than 30 years. First as a classical piano duo, later with the Scala choir. You could say that we are very complementary … but then sometimes we wonder if we are brothers, as a matter of fact!

Any funny moments while on tour?

I once presented my brother Steven at the piano as myself…

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