The Singing Survey and Your SingerPath Profile

SingerPath Profile
SingerPath is our new adaptive learning tool which helps singers find the next steps toward their goals.

When you’re on a journey it’s usually a good idea to stop, take a good look around and consider where you want to go next – that’s what hope you’ll do with SingerPath.

It’s surprising how often I don’t pause to look ahead.

How many times have I just kept my head down, day after day, stuck in my own ruts – or blindly following the paths that other “successful” people have taken?

Life opens up for us when we can look at the landscape and identify our own, unique path forward.

It’s the same for singers. We call this process the SingerPath. In fact, before singers check out our library of on-demand courses and our special 1-on-1 asynchronous coaching (Exchangely), we want them to get in touch with their survey results – this will lead to more focussed learning.

You Have Your Own SingerPath

SingerPath is an opportunity to see where you’ve been and think about where you really want to go…with your singing.

In a nutshell, it’s a survey resulting in a personal profile of you as a singer.

We really want to tell you about everything under the SingerPath hood – how it’s been created, tested, revised, algorithmized, refined and tested again.

But you can just take the survey and check out the results for yourself.

The Values Supporting Your SingerPath

Our team has worked with, literally, thousands of singers and the folks who help guide them: conductors, vocal coaches, producers, medical specialists, music teachers, audio engineers and academics. You can see this work reflected in our publications.

Whenever we came across a singer taking strides ahead with their development, we noticed that there were some values they had learned – often the hard way!

Then, we noticed that a certain set of values kept coming up, over and over again, regardless of the genre of the singer.

Whether or not the singer was a member of a classical a cappella chorus or a heavy metal screamer, it was because they were committed to certain values that they experienced real development (and good feelings!) about their SingerPath.

Here they are in a nutshell:

Performance ReadyPerformance Ready – this is all about the habits and practice styles that singers use so that they can pull off a great performance whether it’s for a stadium of adoring fans or to one’s adoring aunt Mildred.

Artistically FreeArtistically Free – our personality, passions and interests shining through our singing is what makes it “our singing”! Singers on this path develop their creativity and expression.

Vocally HealthyVocally Healthy – a long life of singing is supported by vocal health and singing technique that is efficient and strain-free. Insights from informed singers and medical specialists prove invaluable.

Audience EngagingAudience Engaging – real human connection is not only possible, but it is the “peak experience” of sharing our voices. Singers with this value develop an understanding of how their voice moves an audience.

Musically InformedMusically Informed – there are just so many different ways to move ahead with knowing music. It changes our singing life to listen more closely, learn aspects of theory and become “literate” with music.

Audio SavvyAudio Savvy – becoming more responsible for how your sound reaches the ears of your listeners (from room acoustics to technology) can make us confident in practice and performance.

Of course, there are details about each of these values that are unique for different singing genres.

Just take just one of the values above: the SingerPath for a musical theatre singer will include knowing about headset mics, screaming rockers about hyper-cardioid mics and members of an a cappella choir about room acoustics and voice placement. 

But what has made so many singers successful is their commitment to these values – in the genre they love.

What’s Under the Hood

Work in progress on our values for SingerPath
Singdaptive team working on the original set of values.

The not-so-secret power of the survey is that the questions you answer reflect these six values.

We’ve researched, haggled and deliberated over each and every question.

Singers from across the world in choirs, musical theatre, bands, soloists, singing teachers and karaoke addicts have given their thoughts on the creation of this survey (thanks for contributing to SingerPath, btw).

You’ll see that the questions are asked in different ways: from self-reporting to skill testing questions. 

Though we are very interested in the type of music you sing (and want to sing), we are even more interested in where you are at with these values.

There are also a range of questions about your interests, your experience and your knowledge in different areas of singing.

Taking the singing survey on Singdatpive
Taking the 10 minute survey for singers on Singdaptive

Your answers result in a profile that is unique to you. We think you will find it a powerful experience to see a snapshot of where you are at – SingerPath is that snapshot.

This gives you the opportunity that we don’t get enough of in life: to look at where we have been,  and consider where we will go from there.

Your SingerPath Results

The first thing you will see when you look at your results, is a brief statement of your interests and where you would like to go in the future.

To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult to produce this part of the survey results – since you tipped us off through your answers! 

What we’ve found interesting, however, is that many singers are stunned to see this in “black & white”.

Sometimes we harbour a personal secret about wanting to explore a certain musical area.  There is something powerful and motivating seeing this in written form.

It could be that you have a certain musical dream that you really haven’t shared with others – this may emerge during the survey.

What follows next is where the real techno-wizardry comes in:

It Gets Personal…

Your profile delivers a personal statement that shows the road you are travelling with each of the six values.

This SingerPath statement emerges from your answers, combined with our knowledge of how that value actually works in the lives of singers – filtered through some complex algorithms which take into account everyone who has taken the survey so far.

When you read this part of the results, you will be able to celebrate your achievements; it will also become clear which areas could use some attention.

You might be intrigued to discover where you are at with each of the value statements.

We think that the experience of reading your results in each value is like having hiked to the top of a vista where there is a comfortable place to rest and take it all in.

You are now looking over a vast landscape of both where you have been with your singing and where you have not yet explored.

From this unique vantage point you can consider the wisdom of others and check in with your own intuition as you begin to get a sense of what you would like to develop.

The very last part of your survey results is the SingerPath statement of what you will next want to work on to reach your goals.

Viewing your SingerPath profile results on Singdaptive
Viewing your SingerPath profile results on Singdaptive

This statement is based partly on what you indicated in the survey and partly on what experts consider to be the most efficient way to reach your goal.

Of course, there are always many paths to your goal – but what we think you will enjoy is knowing that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with an endless number of paths.

We’ll be recommending to you a few specific areas to next develop on your journey.

Your Personal Recommender

Having completed our survey, your SingerPath becomes your personal recommender. We’ve tied SingerPath into our course and lesson recommending algorithm – which means that you can see the courses and lessons we recommend for you at the top of your Singdaptive dashboard.

Many singers jump right from the recommendations of SingerPath into Exchangely, the new way of vocal coaching. Exchangely connects you to a personal Lead Instructor with whom you exchange personal videos and receive tasks tailored to your goals.

This kind of makes Singdaptive your personal “Jeeves,” bringing you sumptuous dishes and refreshing drinks whenever you ring the bell. Free with our Basic Account is a personalized course based on your survey results. There are also some free lessons and courses beyond this. A Premium Account will give you access to hundreds of lessons and courses at Singdaptive.

…and as you grow and develop your profile changes as well. Singdaptive is determined to meet your needs wherever you are at on the path.

Our Learning Philosophy

We think the ideal way to learn is to match your interests and abilities to a teacher you like who has the relevant expertise – and lets you work at your own pace.

One of the challenges of our digital age is that we can feel adrift in an endless ocean of content – much of it very good – but much of it irrelevant to our own path.

So, what we are doing through the survey and SingerPath is matching where you are at with articles and instruction that are relevant to your interests and focus.

There are also challenges with the traditional classroom: you have to keep in step with the “pack” – there is often not a lot of freedom to go faster – or slower – than the rest of the class.

At Singdaptive, you set your own pace. You may choose to totally binge on one area OR take a certain lesson much more slowly, carefully completing all of the optional actions and exercises that accompany a lesson.

Before you even read any content or take any lesson, you can read an excerpt or view a preview to decide if it is the right content for you.

With Singdaptive’s Exchangely you also set the pace you want in your personal 1-on-1 sessions with a lead instructor.

Take the Next Step

Once you take our survey, you will be sent your SingerPath profile.

Then, you can save your profile in your “portal” where we’ll be sending you free content matched to your interest and letting your know about our e-learning courses. You’ll also be invited to share your goals with singing in your first, complementary Exchangely experience!

-Greg, Kathy, Kevin and Steve

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