The Singers that Inspire Us and Why

Singers reveal their vocal idols and what they've learned from them.

We asked some singers we like on Instagram, “Do you have a favorite vocalist? How have they inspired and shaped your sound?” Here are the top 4!

Alyssa on Ariana Grande

This pop artist cannot only tackle vocal runs like no other, but she can do so in 4 octaves with the occasional whistle tone for extra show stopping virtuosity. Her vocal signature seems to reside in the way she interleaves her wispy and breathy tone with her more nasally vocal placement, which together convey a sense of longing in each of her songs, naturally pulling listeners in.

Alyssa Soleil
Singer | Songwriter | Model | Actress

“My favorite vocalist would honestly have to be Ariana Grande. Her vocal range is absolutely insane! I’ve never heard anyone else hit the notes that she can with such ease. I really enjoy her performances and truly admire her. I would love nothing more than to start off the way she did- by acting then slowly starting to release her own music! Many stars like that have ignited that same dream inside of me, and I think that’s why I look up to her so much. As far as my sound goes, I enjoy singing every genre of music. However, I’ve been told I sound similar to the artist Carla Morrison- so I’ve kind of been into the Spanish/Indie type of songs.”

–Alyssa Soleil

Alyssa Soleil @alyssa.soleil is a 16 year old Mexican-American singer and actress. She is known for her appearances on Chicago P.D. (2014), Es Un Show (2019), and The Voice Kids (2013) according to IMDB.

Amanda on Crystal Lewis

Crystal Lewis, Pop/Christian singer-songwriter, has an instantly recognizable ‘tongue and cheek’ style of singing. Her expressiveness is playful in the way she utilizes glottal onsets, breathiness, and lifts at the ends up her phrases to create a sultry ‘push and pull’ effect.

Amanda Beth Carson Riley
Singer | Songwriter

“I would say that as a young girl, my favorite artist and performer was Crystal Lewis. Her pop sound intrigued me and as I began singing on stage at church and in my community, I emulated her sound. I liked her spunky spirit too, besides her vocal style. I was blessed to attend her master class recently! Nowadays, you’ll find me studying Lady Gaga’s songs and vocal techniques. She and I have a similar range and timber to our voices. She’s immensely talented: an overall brilliant artist.”

– Amanda Beth Carson Riley

Amanda Beth Carson Riley @mandabethmusic is an American singer and songwriter who seeks to spread joy and love with her music. She resides in Nashville, TN with her husband, son, and cat, and can be heard on ReverbnationYouTubeSpotifyApple Music, and more.

Keziah on Kristin Chenoweth

She was Glinda in the first Broadway production of Wicked in 2003 and has since appeared and performed on shows like Glee and Sesame Street. Kristin Chenoweth can be easily recognized by her classic yet relatable sound. Her tone is bright and crisp, and stylistically, she plays with the occasional twang, fluttery vibrato, and conversational hitch for expressiveness.

Keziah Grace
Singer | Songwriter| Actress

“I have no all-time favorite artist because I absolutely love so many, and I am inspired by so many styles and voices. In saying that though, I have definitely been influenced by Kristen Chenoweth and Christina Aguilera. They are both so different and equally incredible in what they do. I think I do accidentally try to sing like Christina sometimes! – her voice is just so unique and completely hers. That’s the best thing you can aim for as a singer. And one of my biggest goals when training was growing my soprano range to be like Kristen Chenoweth! What an amazing talent.”

– Keziah Grace

Keziah Grace @imkeziahgracemusic has lived and breathed musical theatre since she was a young girl. Now, age 23, she has been contracted to perform with 2 different Cruise Ship companies, as well as hired for productions of Sleeping Beauty, the Pantomime, and most recently she performed as the Bride of Frankenstein at Universal Studios Japan.

Nicolás on Andrea Bocelli

A name we’ve all heard that in itself conveys beauty of sound. Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer who has seen success after success in both the pop and classical worlds from collaborations with Ed Sheeran and Tori Kelly, to having 9 operas under his belt. He can be quickly identified by the richness and depth of his vocal tone and his fluid vibrato.

Nicolás López
Singer | Songwriter|

“My favorite singer is Andrea Bocelli. He influenced me to get started in music. From him, I have learned several techniques of lyrical singing, which I have used to sing all kinds of music. He taught me that music is capable of playing to the core of your heart and inspiring joy. A quote from him that I live by is “Fear is a waste of time”. I think of this often because I know that opportunities in life exist, but they are very few and we must be prepared when they come to us. If we are not ready to take them, the opportunity may never come again.”

–Nicolás López

Nicolás López @nicomusic_oficial, age 19, is a Columbian singer-songwriter and musician that seeks to make others happy with his music. Stay up to date with the music he’s creating by following him on Instagram @nicomusic_oficial where he posts regular videos of him performing like his recent cover of La Llorona.

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