Singers will receive career insights and inspiration with this new online event

The INDIE MUSICIAN SUMMIT is a free 3-day online conference, including 25+ speakers and featured artist performances from the 27th to 29th of November.

It’s been put together specifically for Independent Musicians and Artists who are in the first few years of pursuing music as a career. It’s primarily focused on emerging artists, who are just getting started, don’t have management or label support, and who need help to figure out what to do next in developing their music careers.

Singdaptive’s own VP of Curriculum, Kathy Alexander, will be presenting on how singers can take control of their development by addressing multiple areas – some not even having to do with singing!  

What Will Happen

The Summit brings together a range of industry professionals, artists and practitioners, who have insight and experience in 3 different areas: 

  • Audience Building
  • Creative Development
  • Business Building

Each day of the summit the 8+ speakers and artist performance videos for that day will go live on the summit page. They will be available to watch as many times as wanted by summit attendees for 24 hours. 

At 9am the next day, those videos will be removed, and the next day’s videos will be released for only 24 hours, and so on. 

Key Dates

  • November 26th – LIVE OPENING PARTY in the Facebook Group
  • November 27th-29th – Summit videos go LIVE on the landing page.

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More on the Presenters & Creators

There will be 25+ amazing speakers as well as some wonderful featured artist performances – people like Tim Hart (Boy & Bear), Ned Dorman (Pozible) and Chynna Taylor (The Voice), just to mention a few.

Westwood Management is primarily a music management business that provides accessible music management for emerging artists.  It includes Kate Westwood (founder, owner, music manager/coach), Christy Tobeck (customer engagement co-ordinator), and Amelia Gardner (music coach). 

Kate Westwood is an Australian singer/songwriter and music manager. She started Westwood Management after studying Entertainment Management at JMC in Melbourne. She believes that there is not enough support for emerging artists and musicians, and seeks to provide solutions and training to meet those needs for the Australian market.  She lives in the eastern suburbs with 3 housemates and Fonzie the cat.   

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