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Text-based songwriting allows the songwriter to shape and enhance the song.
Originally published: June 30, 2020


Do you love words? Do you love finding just the right way to express a moment or a feeling with language? If so, then you are perfect for text-based songwriting. Award-Winning Vocalist and Songwriter Emily Braden explains that songwriters tend to write in two ways: music first, or lyrics first. Either way is valid, and each has its advantages. One of the benefits of starting with the text is that it will often lead to unconventional musical moments that help the song – and its meaning – stand out.
Many songwriters will tell you that writing song lyrics becomes a part of every day life, where you are constantly recording voice memos or jotting down ideas whenever they strike you throughout the day. These ideas can later become part of a poem or song as you re-visit and re-shape them. Some songwriters use poems written by others as the basis of their songs.

Once you have your lyrics, your next step is to create a melody. You might record your melody with a voice memo app or you may write it out with conventional notation, or both! Don’t be afraid to adjust the words to help marry them to the melody and rhythms your are inventing. Many songwriters will collaborate with another composer when it comes to creating a chord progression. Those who play an instrument may not need to collaborate with a composer but there is often a great benefit with the added creative juices from working as a team.

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Keedron Bryant’s singing is beautiful; his message is heartbreaking – and, hopefully thought-provoking. Written by his mom, the 12-year-old gospel singer took our breath away at Singdaptive with the song, “I Just Wanna Live.” Definitely check out the extended remix version by @demjointz.

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