Taking on Disney Classics Like No Other- Muzaria

Broadway inspired choir from Southampton, UK reminds listeners of the Disney magic with their compelling renditions of classics and their charity concerts.

Whatever we accomplish  belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort

-Walt Disney 


Choir Name:  Muzaria 
Location:  Bournemouth /Southampton UK
Style:  Broadway/West-End, A Capella, Popular & light Choral 
Number of singers:  11
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A favorite piece of repertoire & why  

Lion King Selection – It never dates!

Definitely a set of classics! And you’ve covered other Disney songs as well?

Yes! See a video of us singing The World of Disney in the studio:

This is the second studio recording from Muzaria coming only days after their debut release “Homeward Bound” (2017).

How does your choir bond as a group? 

Eat! When we perform a concert, usually a meal is provided by the hosts and we always have a thank you speech at the end of the meal which  usually starts with ” We are not a singing group that likes to eat, we are an eating group that likes to sing ” :-)

What was a very special performance and what made it special?

Reaching the final 20 of Britains Got Talent- singing for 3,000 capacity audience and singing for the celebrity judges under our previous name ‘Salvacosta’! Read more about our behind the scenes appearance here!

A turning point in the life of your choir?  

Making our first recording in 2003! We recorded a Christian based CD with crossover music such as “You raise me up” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

What were some of the challenges with making a record for the very first time?

Choosing the right building. We ended up opting for a stone church with natural resonance.

Do you still use this old church to record?

Actually, no -in our latest recordings, we’ve preferred a totally dry acoustic space at first, and prefer to add our own reverb post recording. We find this gives us more control. We also used to record the choir as a whole, now we are experimenting with recording one voice at a time, which gives its own challenges in terms of synchronicity, rhythm, timing, nuances being all the same along with vowel shapes, consonants and dynamics.

An emotional moment you had in a performance?

The annual Christmas Concert is always emotional. It’s a time when we all find ourselves thinking of others, of loved ones, of people we may have lost, family members or friends. The music is always so special, and we usually perform in aid of charity. The charity we have chosen for the past 9 years is a local charity, BRENDONCARE, providing day care for older people.

What is your repertoire like for this concert?

We have sung classic Christmas numbers like ” The Christmas Song” (Torme) choral numbers like “My Lord has come ” (Will Todd) and modern film music like  ” Somewhere in our memory” from HOME ALONE (Williams).

A challenging performance and how you faced it.

Singing at the memorial service of a former member. We just sang for them and gave our all. 

What is your audition process?

Sight reading , usually the part you are auditioning for plus a song of their own choice.

What was one lesson you learned from being in a competition?

Don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy it.

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