Stuck in a Rut? – Tips for Creative Inspiration

Instagram singer/songwriters share how they find their way to new artistic ideas.

We connected with various artists and songwriters on Instagram who impressed us here at Singdaptive, and we asked them the big question “What inspires you?”

We are over the moon with what they shared! Valuable tips here for any creatives who may be searching for some artistic enlightenment.

Discover the artists that inspire you.

Jey Degrey @jey_degrey – What inspires me, truly, is the greatness that was achieved by the music legends and icons that came before me; from the rock bands of the 70’s such as Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles to soloists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and Madonna, I constantly find myself being in awe of what they have achieved, and also looking at myself and trying to see how I can be that great in my own original and unique way.

Check out some autobiographies!

Tom Kilby @tom_kilby91 – I read a lot of musician’s autobiographies and in them they often talk about the artists who inspired them. So I make a note of these artists and go and check them out. Discovering new music is what inspires me to play and write the most. Find out who inspires the artists that inspire you. You’re bound to discover some new songs to cover, or it may even inspire some new ideas for an original song.

Hone into your environment.

Ana Paul @anasinging_ –There are many things from which I draw artistic inspiration but I find myself mostly being influenced by nature. There are such beautiful things in this world such as rivers, oceans, summer rain, birdsong, clouds, forests, dreams, the moon and the stars, and the list goes on. Seeing people and strangers on the subway also influences me since I feel like I am glimpsing into a different world or perspective for a couple of moments. I draw songwriting inspiration from love; the love that the universe fuels me with. I personally don’t really feel stimulated to write when I’m feeling sad or down however it’s different for everyone when it comes to writing. I also highly recommend the book “The Music Lesson” by Victor Wooten! I think it’s a must read for all musicians and it definitely inspired me musically.

Keep a notepad always in reach!

Jennifer Reichenberg @reichenbergmusic – I always keep a notebook by my bed therefore if I get a kick of inspiration at night I write it down. Additionally, what made me want to be a musician is Ed Sheeran, he is one of my biggest idols. What inspires me artistically is listening to music that I really like and hearing about artists stories

Connect with the lyrics

Jermaine Jones @jermainejonesmusic – Yes, taking the time to connect with my lyrics emotionally. Usually I’m obsessed with the technical side of performing and think about notes a lot and neglect the actual lyrics. So I’m trying to do more of that.

Dig deep to understand why you sing/write

Silsar @silsar_music – My inspiration has always been life itself. When I was a little girl I always wanted to write songs, but I could never find anything to write about. So I prayed and prayed that my life wouldn’t be so “normal” and “perfect.” Sometimes I wish I didn’t do that, because I went through so much to the point where I just couldn’t stop writing. However, my songwriting became my escape from the hell of my life, and now I use it to try to reach out to others and show them that they’re not alone

More About Our Contributors:

Ana Paul is a young singer-songwriter based in New York. She’s been singing since about kindergarten and writing music since the seventh grade. Her sweet and heartfelt music brings joy to her listeners since she draws a lot of her inspiration from nature’s beauty. She has music on Spotify and iTunes and an album coming out in the spring of 2020. Her first single is called “East to West” and it was released in March in 2020. See what she’s up to on Instagram @anasinging_.

Jey Degrey is a South African singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, model and entrepreneur. From an early age, Jey would listen and connect to music that people around him believed was not the type of music a kid, then, should be listening to and relating to. Hence, he has been labeled an ‘old soul’. Jey fell in love with music, and at the age of 12, he began to write his own songs. Fast forward to today, Jey is killing the game as a singer-songwriter and recording artist, and he says he is not planning on stopping or looking back any time soon! Jey’s music can be found on all music platforms. Follow his @JeyDegrey on Facebook and Twitter, and @jey_degrey on Instagram.

Tom Kilby. “I’m Tom. I’m 28 and have been playing guitar for about 14/15 years. I’m in a guitar duo called Brother which you can find on Instagram at @brother_music, but now and again I do a few solo things @tom_kilby91.” Be sure to check out Tom Kilby’s compelling work with Brother on their 2018 debut self titled EP release on Spotify and their 2019 album “Vertigo Blues” on Spotify.

Jermaine Jones ​moved to New York City from Toronto Canada where he was born and raised in 2010 to chase his dreams as a singer. He has since then performed the national anthem at the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, toured with Universal Recording artist Ryan Leslie, Trey Songz, Ne-yo and won BETs’ Apollo Live with a standing ovation from the legendary Gladys Knight in 2013. Jermaine’s music is about love and heartbreak. His first single “Promise You’ll Stay​” along with his 2012 EP tilted “The Gentlemen Code​” were projects heavily influenced by that 90’s RnB sound. Since then, Jermaine’s music has evolved into a soulful and classic sound, reminiscent of the 60’s, which you can hear in his recent release “Regret The Day​” (2018). You can find him on Instagram @jermainejonesmusic. You can also visit his website at WWW.JERMAINEJONESMUSIC.COM

Silsar is a small town 17 year old singer songwriter/guitarist/producer who strives to make a difference through her music. The name Silsar means “the torrent is coming ” or “the big wave”. To her this wave symbolizes the depression that devours our society, but her goal is to reach out to those in need and save them from the depths of their own despair through her original songs. Her 2020 release ‘Family?’ is now available everywhere for download and streaming. Follow her on Instagram @silsar_music

Jennifer Rechenberg. “Hi, my name is Jennifer Reichenberg, and I’m 18 years old. I live in Sweden and I love everything about music. I love making my own music, doing covers, and overall music! ” Check out some of Jennifer’s innovative covers on Instagram @reichenbergmusic.

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