Sound Healing Through Throat Singing | Playfulness: Expand Your Vocal Potential

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What's the most important live sound equipment to have?
Published: Aug 24, 2021

Sound Healing Through Throat Singing

Image of Kaitie Sly host of Between the Vocal Folds
Between the Vocal Folds is Singdaptive’s newest podcast all about singing and the voice. Every episode features a guest from the music industry exploring a variety of singing topics with host and Singdaptive instructor, Kaitie Sly.
This week’s guest is Matthew Kocel, who is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, making waves in the global sound healing movement. We’re really excited to have Matthew on the podcast and look forward to hearing about the vocal technique of throat singing and Matthew’s journey to becoming a throat singer. In this podcast Matthew invites singers to experiment with their voice and play vocally, as if no one is watching.

You can listen to this week’s episode here.  By singing up for a free account you can access the the entire season! 

Playfulness: Expand Your Vocal Potential

Play is an excellent way to develop creativity in the voice. In this lesson, Juliet Russell uses imaginative triggers and different vocal styles to explore different tones and qualities in the voice.

Interested in getting feedback on your singing? Then tryout the new way to do voice lessons.

Tips on Live Sound Equipment

This week’s Tips from the This week’s Tips from the Team are all about live sound equipment! Today, we hear from sound engineer, technologist and Singdaptive co-founder, Kevin Alexander on what live sound equipment is the most important to have.

Mellow Out!

We’re moved by this soulful rendition of “Favorite Things” by Sarah Vaughan; listen to it at the end of a long, warm summer day…

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