Smoky Eyes Look – Eyes – Step-by-step Guide

Smoky Eye Look Makeup Checklist
Christie Norman shares her simple steps for a smoky look for the eyes.

In my course on creating smoky eye performance make-up, I follow an easy step-by-step guide for the eyes.

Step 1 – Eyelid Primer/Concealer

a. Use the same shade as your skin (do not use foundation)

b. Use a brush or your fingers

Step 2 – Eyeliner – Pencil

a. Line into your lashes first (under the upper lashes)

b. Starting outside of the lash area, use short, small strokes at the lash line (above the upper lashes)

Step 3 – Eyeshadow

a. Using a light color, use a flat brush to press the color all over the lid and into the eye socket

b. Use a dark espresso color and press over the eyeliner

c. Slowly move the darker color up the eyelid to create a sunset or ombre look

* Make sure the focus is still at the lash line

*Create a wedge shape with the majority of the color centered at the outer part of the eyelid

Step 4 – Blending

a. Use a ponytail or large blending brush to blend

* Use gentle strokes starting at the outer part of the eye

Step 5 – Shimmer (Optional)

a. Use your finger or a brush to press some shimmer on to the center of the eyelid

* Use a contrasting color from the smoky eye

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