Smoky Eye Look – Final Touches – Step-by-step Guide

Smoky Eye Look Makeup Checklist
Christie Norman shares her simple steps for the final touches of a smoky eye look.

In my course on creating smoky eye performance make-up, I follow an easy step-by-step guide for the final touches.

Step 1 – Curling (Optional)

a. Find a curler that matches the shape of your lids (more or less curved)

b. Use as a first step curling at the base of the lashes

Step 2 – Mascara

a. Find a mascara that does what you want it to do (lengthen, thicken, volumize, etc)

*For this look, the bolder the better

b. Start at the base of the lashes and wiggle the wand back and forth as you move upward towards the tips

c. Use several coats on your lashes to achieve a heavier, bolder lash line

d. Optional: Sweep lightly over the bottom lashes so as to not draw attention away from the top lashes

Step 3 – Blush

a. Play around with colors and choose the one that you like best

b. Start at the apples of the cheeks and blend lightly down and then up

*Avoid Racing Stripes

Step 4 – Lips

a. If lining the lips, fill in the entire lip for an even color

b. Use a natural lipstick color for this look

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