Slovenian A Capella Pop – Skupina Sled Choir

Skupina Sled in a spontaneous photo shoot moments before their performance! (2019)
This Slovenian choir tackles challenging pop songs while also seeking to tribute the works of local composers.

A favorite inspirational quote 

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.” – Modest Mouse


Choir Name: Skupina Sled
Location: Slovenia (Kostrivnica, near Rogaška Slatina)
Style: a capella/pop/Slovenian national songs
Number of singers: 15
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A fun fact about your choir?

Our dresses for the performances have a blue band, bounded around the belly. A fun fact is, that only one member knows how to tie a bow that looks good enough! Before the performance she has some “hard work” to do to for the other young women. 

A fact you love to tell your choir! 

I sometimes share about Slovenian composer and arranger Andrej Makor, who wrote the aforementioned song O Lux Beata Trinitas! An interesting fact about this composition is that he composed it in one night! He began on the evening of December 13th, 2013 and completed in the early morning. O Lux Beata Trinitas is one of his most performed compositions all over the world. Such a masterpiece!

A favorite piece of repertoire & why!

“O Lux Beata Trinitas” by Slovenian Composer/Arranger Andrej Makor. When we first tackled this piece, it was a big challenge for us, but the beauty of music, expressed with such beautiful harmonies was worth the many hours of practicing! (You can see our 2018 performance on Youtube!)

What else do you love to sing?

We love to sing pop songs (Slovenian and others). We can mention some that we have performed the most: Euphoria, Time to say goodbye, Slovenian songs (Zelena dežela and Le s teboj).

How does your choir bond as a group?  

Our age range is quite small and consequently we have similar interests! Personalities of choir members certainly differ, but it’s a task of the conductor to connect similarities and to reduce differences. I think, we’re doing pretty well at this!

What would you say is the key thing that brings your group together?

We’re always seeking to improve and grow as a group and we are happy that our “improvement graph” is climbing. We really enjoy planning and performing our concerts, and we are overjoyed when the audience loves it.

Skupina Sled singing at Region Competition for Adult Singers (2017).

What was a very special performance and what made it special? 

The one that comes to mind is the Slovenian Regional Choir Competition in Celje in the 2017. We performed four songs and we gave our very best which was quite special.

How about a performance moment you will never forget!

We can share one from our last concert. In our region there is no habit, that the audience rewards singing group with standing ovations. And when that happened at the end of our concert, we were amazed and very grateful. We believe that it was because of the committed performance of our last songs, which expressed so many emotions. 

Any turning points in the life of your choir?   

Our choir was founded in 2001. The biggest turning point of our choir’s history was in 2011, when many experienced singers left and younger/new singers joined us. At that time, our previous conductor, Martin Druškovič resigned the role of a conductor to me – his daughter Jasna. Since then, we have incorporated new repertoire as well.

What is your audition process? 

Our audition process is not such a big deal. First, we test the vocal range of the candidate, and then the ability of singing in polyphony. If the candidate is suitable with the group (in all levels: music and humour ?), then he or she can begin to attend our rehearsals. 

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