Singing With Famous Rock Bands – RocHoir Kids

Having recently performed for their idols from Serbian metal band Mortal Kombat, RocHoir is ready for anything. Bring on the live band, stage, and jumbo trons!

We heard you sometimes have visits from rock stars?

Yes! The most memorable rehearsal was when the lead singer/composer from the band Mortal Kombat came as a guest – and we got to perform his song in front of him! We were all so happy, proud, and nervous at the same time while trying to focus on giving our best.

Annnd… (drumroll) how did it go?!

When we finished, he praised our singing and playing! Funny enough, the choir and the band members were really quiet and shy, but after he left, they started to laugh and hug each other like they had won the biggest competition there is! 


Choir Name:  RocHoir Kids
Location:  Belgrade, Serbia
Style:  Rock/hard rock/metal
Number of singers: 40 (ages 6-15)
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Rock stars aside, what is something you do in rehearsals that surprises new members?

They are often surprised by the fact that we have a real band – with teenage members playing electric guitars and drums. Also, our members are from 6 to 15 years old, and having them all at the rehearsal at the same time (not in different groups by age) is something new members find unusual at first, but they like it. 

How is repertoire chosen for your group?

Our choir and band members are involved in choosing songs, and after receiving their suggestions we always do analysis together and then we decide if we are going to add the song to our repertoire. They have to understand and be able to feel the lyrics of every song we sing, so through conversation about each song, there’s a common sense of ownership, they learn a lot and also feel that their opinion matters.

Awesome. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”

What was a very special performance and why?

The BLOKSTOK festival in Novi Sad last year. This was our first time on a big stage, in front of so many people… The audience was cheering for us and singing along during the whole performance so we felt what it was like to sing at a real rock concert. After we finished we walked past a big crowd that was backstage and they all screamed, cheered for the kids and applauded.

Wow! What a night to remember!

Definitely! One of our choir members chose to write about that performance for a school assignment a year later – and the title was “My favorite memory”. That says enough, don’t you think? ☺

 An emotional moment you had in a performance?  

I have to mention two! First, was when we were singing at a ceremony for the top achieving graduates from all elementary and high schools in Belgrade (capital of Serbia). It was really special because we sang to honor them in front of their families and our city mayor and one could feel how emotional this was for all of them – and of course it was really special for us to sing at such an important and wonderful occasion.

RocHoir covering “Warriors of the World” by MANOWAR at Concert at the Jubilee for Mortal Kombat (2019).

The other moment was again at a big stage – we were guest performers at the birthday concert for a famous Serbian metal band named Mortal Kombat, and when we started to sing a cover of their song, audience started to scream and applaud so loudly that it was overwhelming. We almost started to cry.

Any other collaborations with rock stars?

Yes! Last year, we were featured guests in a recording and music video with Bosnian rock band Komuna for their song “Faraoni”. You can see the video here on YouTube!

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