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Having your audience at a distance may not be a challenging as it seems.
Published: March 2, 2021

Singing in a Virtual Performance

My bandmate and I streamed a virtual concert near the beginning of the pandemic – our first ever virtual concert. We decided during the sound check before filming that since there was no audience visible to us, we should just imagine an audience who adores us – an audience who is drinking in and savoring everything we are doing! This isn’t always possible at some of our live gigs, because we perform in intimate venues where we can see the audience well. I love being able to see and talk to my audience, but if a few people are sitting there stone-faced, it can be difficult not to feel self-conscious!

If you haven’t yet sung in a virtual concert, I want to remove one barrier that holds some singers back. Having no audience present in the room can make a virtual performance feel cold and inauthentic. But if you can embrace this aspect, you can shine a new light on it. You see, the very fact that there is NO audience, gives you the freedom to imagine them however you want!

I’m pleased to report that our strategy worked! Visualizing a happy audience helped us perform at our best. We even told them we were imagining them enjoying the music during our between-song patter. When we streamed the concert the next day, we had a live chat window where the audience could comment. The comments were positive! I guess we’ll never know for sure what people were really doing in their homes watching our concert, but we discovered one of the advantages to having your audience out of sight.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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