Singing Idols and What We’ve Learned From Them

Singers share their artistic inspirations and the influences on their music.

Angela on Etta James — “powerful and smooth”

Angela Wright

“One of my biggest musical role models in my life has been Etta James. Her powerful voice, smooth songs, and relatable lyrics always get to me. Additionally, I really adore Lana Del Rey, Maggie Rogers, and Florence and the Machine. I think all three of those artists really have or do influence my music stylistically with their haunting melodies and production. Also, I’m a big classic rock girl. ??”

— Angela Wright

Angela Wright, age 20, is an indie pop artist originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and currently based in Nashville, TN. She has an impressive vocal range and style, with a diversified performance background. Her music speaks to many listeners in the way she weaves together her influences from pop, rock, and indie genres. Some of her biggest influences are Etta James, Chris Isaak, Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves, Maggie Rogers, Florence and The Machine, Adele, Cigarettes After Sex, and Phoebe Bridgers. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2018/19 as a vocal principle in songwriting. In 2019 she decided to head to Nashville to seek the next chapter in her solo career.

Amy on Lewis Capaldi — “breaking expectations”

Amy Dimitra

“Today’s music is very different to that of older generations. The ‘norm’ of music now is generally a four chord progression, and an incredibly simple structure. With this sort of simplicity, many voices in the industry now are very soft – very weak. There is high demand for that – but one artist I’ve found that has broken out of ‘expectations’ is Lewis Capaldi. I can confidently say he is the most talented and raw vocalists in the industry right now, with his raspy notes never once being off by a micro tone! What blows me away is his control, watching him live is amazing. He is exactly the same: flawless. Lewis Capaldi’s songs are very soft and meaningful, but he manages to deliver with so much emotion and so much power in his voice. Truly an inspiration, saying it’s a lifelong dream to be half of the artist he is is an understatement!”

— Amy Dimitra

Amy Dimitra is a guitarist, pianist and a singer from Greece/England, and is currently based in Hong Kong. Amy keeps herself busy with covering songs and creating fun mashups on her Instagram @amydimitramusic. She’s posted music to her Instagram for about 5 months now, and in that time she’s grown to 2.2k followers. Her current goal is to boost her creative chops at songwriting and create unique and impactful original music.

Jasmine on Billie Holiday — “meaning in every sound”

Jasmine (aka Abstrak Jaz)

“I will have to pick Billie Holiday for this question. I’ve always enjoyed her rasp, and in a way she taught me that you can make sounds that are not “classically beautiful” but they come from.. somewhere deep. So it really means something. And it’s beautiful because of that.”

— Abstrak Jaz

Jasmine (Abstrak Jaz) is a soulful singer-songwriter originally from Montreal, Canada. She has been studying music and singing all her life and eventually moved away to go travel around the world. She is self taught on guitar and soon after being able to hold it down, she started playing for people and busking. She’s now been settled in Berlin for the last three years where she recorded her first album called ‘Dreams|Reality’. Stay up to date with her music and releases by following her on Instagram Facebook YouTube.

Kiki Eva on Beyoncé — “vocal power and creativity”


“I don’t think I could pick one favourite vocalist but there are definitely some which I look to. The first is cliché but it’s Beyoncé, because her voice just has so much power and you can tell that she is supporting her voice amazingly. She is also extremely creative in what she does with her voice in terms of harmonies and melodies, I think that they really raise the hairs on your arms and make you feel inspired and like getting up and singing. Chloe x Halle are also people who inspire my vocals at the moment as you can tell it’s so effortless, it genuinely seems as though their voices are floating up out of their bodies. Rosalia is another artist whose voice is like this. Maren Morris is another amazing vocalist, her vocals are so gritty and soulful and you can really hear the passion and fierceness in her voice, and I really love to listen to that, that inspires me because I like to feel powerful when I’m singing and to put that across. There are so many other artists who inspire my vocal style but today that’s who I’m looking to.”

— KikiEva

KikiEva is an 18 year old pop/rnb singer songwriter from the UK. She writes all of her own music and produces a large amount of it as well. Her latest single Made in Miami, she shares,’is literally about going to Miami and getting over a heartbreak; it’s about feeling like you have gained a new perspective- that you don’t need this person because you see what the world has to offer.’ Check it out along with KikiEva’s other music on YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | Soundcloud

Ruu on Aurora — “she feels her music”


“I came across Aurora not too long ago. When I watched her “Runaway” music video for the first time, it was like a new door had been opened up in my mind with musical inspiration. She feels her music, not just sings! She’s such an inspiration. She has a wide vocal range, so I now try to sing along with her songs to work on my range and technique.”

— Ruu

Ruu wants to inspire others through music and she always encourages others to pursue their dreams; because it’s never too late! She always wanted to learn the guitar and perform since she was a young child but never did. Ruu started singing Karaoke back in 2004 and since then she realized how her singing has a positive effect on her and those around her. In January 2018, she started learning the guitar to complement her singing any time, any where! In 2020, she started her Instagram and YouTube! Follow her as she follows her dreams!

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