Singing Health and Sharing Food | How to Keep on Top of Your Vocal Condition

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Here's your singing health checklist - do you have anything to add?
Published: April 27, 2021

Singing Health and Sharing Food

I realize most people will think this is disgusting, but I love eating baby food. When my babies left some of that slimy, mushy goodness in their bowl, I rarely threw it out like most normal parents. I would eat it! To this day, with three teenagers, no one can leave food on their plate without me asking, “Are you going to eat that?”

My habits change, however, when I am within a few weeks of a performance – I go into vocal health mode. I do this because I often sing in situations that require a lot of vocal athleticism, and so like an athlete, I have to maintain my health and conditioning. Furthermore, I have struggled in the past with getting sick and fighting through laryngitis with big singing commitments to uphold. Here’s some of my objectives:

  • don’t eat anyone else’s leftovers, especially my kids who have school germs all over them
  • get a full night’s sleep
  • don’t eat in the evening – acid reflux 
  • sing and exercise my voice every day (but if voice feels irritated, take it easy and don’t panic)
  • memorize and prepare music every day so as to avoid stress and insecurity which affects vocal health! 
  • plan ahead for all aspects of performance – outfit, sound system –  so as to lessen anxiety which affects the voice.
  • take vitamin C, Zinc, oregano oil and echinacea
  • be conscious of voice use throughout each day – support voice and speak with resonance
  • lessen throat clearing
  • drink loads!

My family recognizes the shift when I have a gig coming up. They see my pre-performance habits pop up in everyday life. What are your routines for staying healthy before a performance?

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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