Singers, Up-skill Yourselves

Man with headphones walking down a hallway
Lisa Popeil challenges singers to learn new skills in order to progress in the industry.

If you only sing, but

  • cannot play an instrument
  • do not write or co-write songs
  • can’t read music
  • don’t know basic music theory (for example scales, keys, how to transpose)
  • do not know how to use a DAW which stands for digital audio workstation
  • can’t edit your videos, at least rudimentarily

… your chances of having a career in the music industry are greatly reduced.  The more skills you have, the more value you have.  

And even if you’re the greatest singer who has ever trod the earth,  your chances are still diminished because the competition is that fierce and there are many thousands of naturally terrific singers out there jockeying for their place in the sun.  

And don’t forget,  the more skills you have, the more control you’ll have over your creations. And just imagine the anxiety and wasted time that happens when you need to rely on other people to manage the millions of details which go into making a record or a show of world-class quality.

Time to Commit

So make the commitment early on to learning the skills required today of a serious singer, performer, video artist, social media star, costume designer, business person, merchandise designer and sometimes even, dancer.  

Learning the difference between terms such as promoter, booking agent and booker will help you feel more confident when dealing with creating live shows or pitching yourself to perform at festivals. 

Remember, the more you know, the more money you can bank!

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