Singers making it through the pandemic

Career focused artists share their struggles, triumphs, and creative maneuvers since the pandemic hit.

We asked artists we found on Instagram how they’ve coped with the pandemic this year with live shows being cancelled globally for some time. We asked them how they stayed inspired, stayed engaged with social media, and how their goals shifted. Hear their stories of how they adapted:

The challenge of lost inspiration:

Emmie Te Pas

As we all know, performances and events have been cancelled everywhere around the world since March. Before all this happened, I used to perform weekly and get inspired by making music with my fellow musicians. During the lockdown I figured, I have so much time now, so finally I have the time to write so much! But I noticed I didn’t have any inspiration. Being in lockdown messed with my brain and I missed playing with my friends.

I didn’t get the ‘fuel’ to write and it was quite frustrating. It took me some time to figure out how to have structure in my life and figuring out different ways to make music (together and alone).

So my friends and I decided to discover the virtual world. Recording our own parts at home, sending these to each other, and still be able to play together (kind of) and presenting this to the world. I also decided to share a bit more about my writing process, to stay connected with my followers and other music lovers. This also gave me inspiration again to write. Instead of thinking: “This is the time to make it happen!”, I just keep letting it flow and everything comes out more natural.

Emmie te Pas is a vocalist and composer from the Netherlands, currently working on her debut album. A mix of soul grooves and jazz improvisation. Melodic storylines spoken from the heart. Catch a glimpse here. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @emmietepas and check out her website.

Virtual collaborations and acapella videos:

Terri Jade

Being in quarantine wasn’t so easy because I couldn’t see my music partner during that time @teejay_music. Before Covid-19, the aim was to perfect our live performance, but for obvious reasons this was put on hold. We decided to work more on the studio side of things. We worked on original songs, by each sending our ideas. This enabled us to finish a few productions, and get them ready so they could be released.

As for keeping in touch with fans, I tried to do quick acapella videos of different covers like this one of “Nature Boy”- View this post on Instagram. I also asked other musicians if they would like to participate. This kept social media alive, and also kept me from going crazy in quarantine haha!

Terri-Jade, 25, is an english singer/songwritter who lives in Normandy, France. She has been composing, singing and performing since she was a child. She currently sings in an acoustic duo called Teejay and is also gearing up to debut a new solo project which has more pop/electronic influences. Find out more about Teejay on Instagram and Facebook. See what Terri-Jade is up to on her Instagram @terrijademusic , Facebook, and website.

“Spending time to understand and address emotions”

Saahas Patil

It’s been harder on musicians because our careers and financial stability is largely dependent on being able to play to an audience in person. Personally, I know my musician friends and I have been going through emotional upheavals as well – it’s strange that it’s happening at the same time. The usual answer would be to write it all out and use it to create more, but I’ve been spending time with the emotions to really understand and address them instead of using them for something – (I don’t think the latter does much good for one’s mental health). So a lot of the projects have been put on hold, and I’ve been writing and recording only when I feel like it, which helps! 

Saahas is an independent singer-songwriter originally from Bangalore, India based in Los Angeles, California. He writes, records, produces and performs his music in the city and around the country after bringing his career across the world from India to the US. He also works as a songwriter, signed to publishing group Crucial Music. His new single, ‘Glad You Stuck Around’ has garnered critical acclaim and is available to stream and purchase on all major music platforms. He is currently working towards the release of his new album ‘The Grays’. Follow him on Instagram @saahas1, Facebook, and see what he is up to on his website:

“It has made me think outside of the box.”

Jonina Aradottir

I have not been able to travel and have concerts like I’m used to in order to meet up with fans. I had to cancel all concerts and tours I had planned, but the positive thing is that it has made me think outside of the box and do other things that were not on my plan. Like thinking how can I get an income with things I already have, cause going into a studio is not option when there is no money coming in.

So I am doing a crowdfund online to make a vinyl record from my last CD album. I’ve been able to sell the vinyl in advance to fans while receiving the money to make the vinyl. 

Jonina Aradottir is a singer/songwriter who gets her drive from the rural countryside of Iceland. She will take you for a ride in her songs which combine hints of Pop, Rock, Country and Blues. Jonina studied guitar, live studio/concert recording, and mixing in Denmark for one year in Den Rytmiske Hojskole and in 2010 she moved to LA where she studied Vocal and art development at the Musicians Institute and the Independent Artist program 3 years later. Jonina released her second album, ‘Remember’, in the Fall 2017 and has followed the album with live concerts around Europe since. Jonina is now living in Norway where she continues to work in music. Find out more about Jonina and her music at Instagram | Facebook

“Intentional about connecting with other artists”

Stephanie Heitz

The pandemic has given me so much extra time to simply be still as well as introspective. As a result, I’ve been very intentional about connecting with other artists, collaborating on a number of projects, and seeing the blessing of more listeners discovering my music. Distribution companies like CD Baby & Distrokid have continued to make releasing music a breeze for indie artists like myself. For me personally, this has resulted in unleashing loads of creativity.

Music continues to serve as a powerful outlet in my life during a season of uncertainty. It’s much cheaper than therapy!

Stephanie Heitz is a gospel/pop/rnb singer/songwriter based out of southern Indiana. Stephanie’s heart and passion is almost tangible when she sings and performs which she does frequently at special events like weddings and in the worship band at her church. In recent years, she discovered her love of songwriting, which eventually led to the release of her debut EP in 2019 followed by a number of singles in 2020. Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

“A deep look at my singing voice”

Rebecca Southard

I love music because it encourages you to feel things you didn’t even realise you needed or wanted to express. Particularly with the ups and downs that the pandemic has dished out, I’ve been needing that release even more. 
The free time that I’ve found myself with off the back of the pandemic has also allowed me to take a deep look at my own singing voice, identify strengths and weaknesses and take the time to work on various aspects of my technique. It’s wonderful to soak up so many amazing resources that are out there- just like Singdaptive! 

Rebecca Southard has been singing and dancing since the age of 5. After graduating with a 1st Class BA in Musical Theatre from the London College of Music, Rebecca most recently returned from working abroad at Universal Studios Japan as a singer. Despite the ‘Covid times’ we are in and how hard hit our industry has been, Rebecca has been soaking up all the wonderful actor/singer materials, platforms and networks that have become so available with other likeminded people, helping her to keep focused and motivated to achieve her next goal!

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