Singers Learn from a Studio Engineer | Diving Deep into Audio Theory

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Learn the studio etiquette of the pros!
Published: Oct 5, 2021

Singers Learn from a Studio Engineer

Image of Kaitie Sly host of Between the Vocal Folds
Between the Vocal Folds is Singdaptive’s newest podcast all about singing and the voice. Every episode features a guest from the music industry exploring a variety of singing topics with host and Singdaptive instructor, Kaitie Sly.
This week’s guest is Charlie Waymire, who is a producer, drummer, engineer and owner of LA recording studio, Ultimate Studios Inc. We are really excited to have Charlie on the podcast and look forward to hearing his expertise on recording vocals in the studio. Charlie shares tips on studio etiquette and how singers can get the most out of their recording sessions.

You can listen to this week’s episode here.  By singing up for a free account you can access the the entire season! 

Diving Deep into Audio Theory

Become familiar with terms like “compression” or “EQ”. No matter if you are a singer or a keen audio nerd, this audio theory course will drastically improve your ability to be in control of your sound.

Interested in getting feedback on your singing? Then tryout the new way to do voice lessons.

Get Better Recorded Vocals and Improve Your Workflow

BandLab’s Chris Barker shares effective steps singers can take when recording vocals in this week’s feature blog post.

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