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Lockdown sucks but is a chance to work on your voice.
Originally published: April 21, 2020
Updated: December 25, 2020

Free Course: Singers in Isolation

Singdaptive recently contacted eight instructors from around the world and asked them to contribute to a course to help singers during this time of isolation and cancelled performances.

They all jumped at the chance to help singers! The course they created is called, “Develop Your Singing in Isolation” and is free for everyone.

While you are stuck at home, how do you continue to work on your singing? Not only is it difficult to stay motivated, but a lack of accompaniment, space and privacy may be making it extra hard for you to do any singing these days. As much as this pandemic has robbed us of our opportunities to perform, it has also created some unique opportunities for singers to grow their skills, foster creativity and even connect with their communities in ways that they might not have done otherwise.

Find out from a team of instructors including Mark BaxterJuliet Russell and Kerri Ho, the many ways you can grow, thrive and create as a singer in isolation.

Check out Develop Your Singing in Isolation  – Free with Basic Account.

Quote of the Week

We just love this thought from Vocal Coach Lisa Popeil: “Great vocal technique is not the goal. It’s the means towards creating magic and uplifting souls.” Lisa is one of our instructors at Singdaptive – see her instructor page for more of her teaching.

USB Microphones

In the current situation, many people are working, creating and recording at home. You may have heard musicians talk about using a USB microphone for making recordings on their own. But what is a USB mic and how is it different from a regular recording mic? Technologist Kevin Alexander explains it all in this article.

Amazing Performances

Directed by Juliet Russell, Assemble performs this breath-taking rendition of “My Voice Lifts My Soul” for her World Voice Day 2020 Project.

Find out more about Juliet Russell’s online courses on improvisation, vocal technique and choral singing.

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