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Good quality recordings are possible on a smartphone.
Originally published: April 14, 2020
Updated: December 18, 2020

Singers Distancing with Smartphone?

If you record your singing on your smartphone to share with friends or a vocal coach, the most important way to get good sound quality is to sing at the right distance from your phone. The right distance will depend on your type of phonethe space you are singing in and how loud you sing.

You can find the sweet spot by recording yourself singing a short phrase at three different distances from your phone and seeing which one sounds best. Choose the recording that sounds true to your voice and in which you don’t hear the sound of the room too much.

Read more about recording with your smartphone in Singdaptive Instructor, Kevin Alexander’s article.

To learn more of Kevin Alexander’s teachings on acoustics and audio for singers, subscribe and take his online course, “Recording on Your Smartphone and Mics”

Quote of the Week

“One of the primary qualities of a good performance is honesty.”— Roberta Flack

Steamer, Vaporizer or Nebulizer – What’s the Diff??


Singers been raving about the healing effects of steam on the voice for decades, but now everyone seems to be talking about Nebulizers. Before you rush and buy a nebulizer, read this ENT doctor’s warning.

Creative Concerts


Even though traditional concerts are not happening right now during the pandemic, we thought you’d enjoy this story of a choir’s unusual performance. The repertoire was Monteverdi and Gesualdo and the painted “surfaces” included human beings! Watch the video of this Australian vocal ensemble.

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