Singdaptive Launches Exchangely: Asynchronous & Team-Based 1-on-1 Coaching for Singers

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It's the new way for singers of all genres to reach their goals

Exchangely™ is the new way of vocal coaching for choir members, YouTube cover artists, musical theater performers, backing and lead vocalists – all singers.

(01 April 2021, Victoria, Canada) Today, Singdaptive® announced the launch of Exchangely, the new way of vocal coaching, giving singers of all genres personal, 1-on-1 guidance in a way that is private, safe, and convenient. At the heart of Exchangely is a personal exchange of videos between a singer and a Lead Instructor at Singdaptive. The Lead Instructor gives feedback, insights, exercises and tasks which are targeted directly at the singer’s goals. They also connect singers to the insights of the multidisciplinary team at Singdaptive. Exchanges happen at the singer’s own pace and on an innovative learning platform featuring an easy-to-use way for singers to connect with the Singdaptive Team as well to experience quizzes, actions and progress tracking. 

Exchangely is a response by Singdaptive to requests for personal feedback on singing. Online lessons traditionally limit singers to a lone singing teacher at a scheduled time. During testing with singers from around the world, the advantages of an asynchronous approach became clear: Singers sharing their videos in a safe and private manner experienced increased confidence; Singdaptive instructors, thanks to team-based consultation and the time for careful analysis, were able to provide extremely effective feedback and advice.

Singdaptive Founder Kathy Alexander says, “Singers benefit when they are guided by a team of coaches and industry professionals rather than one lone instructor. This benefit is delivered by Exchangely.” 

A single Exchangely  Session Pack ($150.00 USD) is equivalent to 3 to 4 weeks of face-to-face lessons with a vocal coach or singing instructor. This pack includes 3+ video exchanges, 10+ tasks and complimentary access to a hand-picked selection of Premium Video Lessons available from Singdaptive’s On-Demand Learning Library. Premium Lessons. Further savings is gained with two and three Session Packs, offering singers months of direction and guidance.

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