Singdaptive Choir Partnerships

Chorus Niagara in Performance with Robert Cooper
Choir directors use Singdaptive to inspire & inform their members between rehearsals.

The heart of any choir is its weekly face-to-face gathering. When a choir comes together, everyone feels the power of singing with others – and the joy of learning new techniques to bring their music alive.

What happens during the rest of the week? Many choristers work away on their parts, sometimes alone and sometimes with others.  Now many choirs are turning to Singdaptive’s distinct asynchronous approach to deepen their choral experience.

Robert Cooper

Some choirs are making use of Singdaptive by having their members look into fun & interactive lessons on vocal health or technique by leading instructors. Other choirs encourage their members to engage in personal vocal coaching sessions with Singdaptive.

Robert Cooper is one of Canada’s most influential and experienced choral conductors. He is also director of Chorus Niagara a premier auditioned symphonic choir in eastern Canada. Robert says: 

Chorus Niagara is thrilled to be partnering with Singdaptive and welcomes this special opportunity to share with our singers the many excellent vocal programs that will ease us out of Covid and into renewed vocal health and wellness.

-Robert Cooper
Elise Naccarato

Elise Naccarato is the founder and Artistic Director of Myriad Ensemble, a women’s choir based in Burlington Ontario. She has established a niche for working with women’s voices and crafting a sound that is ubiquitous, rich in colour and full of life. 

Myriad is thrilled to partner with Singdaptive introducing our singers to the many excellent vocal programs they have to offer. We look forward to exploring Singdaptive’s courses and lessons and learning a whole lot more about the voice! 

-Elise Naccarato

Singdaptive’s instructors include medical specialists, award-winning directors, and vocal coaches to A-list stars. Many choirs have been using our innovative lessons between choir practices to inspire, inform and train choir members. 

Choirs interested in looking at the different forms of partnership we offer choirs across the world can contact Singdaptive directly by emailing Dr. Greg Barker  [email protected]

The Myriad Ensemble
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