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Take some innovative steps ahead with your voice - even when you feel "hemmed in" by a quiet space.
Published: January 12, 2021

Sing Under Water?

Do you live in a space where you can’t sing out freely? Or perhaps you know a singer who does. This means that practice or rehearsal time feels “hemmed in” since the apartment has thin walls, or there are others in the next room who require quiet for their Zoom meetings!  

Singing Teacher and Voice Specialist Kathy Alexander says that singers can turn this challenge into an opportunity through practical exercises which develop one’s tone, dynamic flexibility and dexterity. Kathy brings together 3 renowned coaches to give practical advice on how to do this.

One of Kathy’s favorite exercises is singing through a straw into water. Many singers have found this to be an effective way to train the voice to release vocal tension and develop a more resonant and louder sound – with less effort!

The interesting aspect to this exercise is that one can learn to sing more loudly by producing very little sound!  We’ve just uploaded Kathy’s entire exercise to YouTube so that you can try this out with her – see the link below.

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Time to Get Inspired

One of our instructors, Juliet Russell, is bringing inspiration through her original, ‘My Voice Lifts my Soul’. It was recorded remotely by Juliet’s choir for World Voice Day to encourage everyone through the first phase of the pandemic – we still need it in the second phase!  See our interview with Juliet on how she pulled this over on Singdaptive’s blog. 

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