Sing Better: How To Get It Back

Want to sing like you used to after a 15 year hiatus? Mark Baxter'll show you the way.

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In your 20s you were a hot shot performing with your band, or in theatre shows or in coffee houses.

But school turned into a job, the job turned into a career. Dating turned into a marriage. Marriage turned into family.

You used to be good …

Ten or fifteen years later, you remember this thing you used to be pretty good at: singing.

How to you get it back?

Mark Baxter has helped countless singers in your shoes, and his practical teaching approach will catapult you forward.

When you realize your old clothes from college no longer fit your 42-year-old body, you don’t give up on wearing clothes altogether!  But you certainly will experience a kind of “taking stock” process, where you reach into the back of the closet and recognize some of those old clothes still fit and some just don’t.

Let go of your old singing ‘software’

When you begin to sing again after a break, you have to re-introduce your instrument (your voice) to your brain. Just because you can’t sing like you used to, doesn’t necessarily mean you will never get it back – but it won’t be instantaneous.  To get it back, you must first let go of your attachment to the “way it used to be.” Trying to sing the way you used to sing is like using an old software program on a new computer.

Let go of that old programming, and start singing with the notes that work.

For more on how to get it back, listen to the episode above.

What is Sing Better?

Sing Better is the podcast that lets you power up your vocal development with legendary vocal coach, Mark Baxter. Mark gives you the insight you need on becoming a singer, earning money, vocal health, gear and technique. In this season, Mark will cover performance anxiety, song arrangements, how to stand out as a singer, and all the best and worst singer habits as well as how to get your former glory back after a long break from singing.

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