Sing Better: Be More Artistically Free

Are limited skills holding back your creativity? -- asks Mark Baxter

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Is your creativity being held back?

In this episode, Mark wants all you singers to ask yourself a serious question. Are limited vocal skills or musical skills holding back your creativity? Achieving more artistic freedom requires a foundation of deep vocal skills and musicianship, so listen up to this legendary vocal coach’s suggestions on how you can unlock more creative potential as a singer.

Are you in the sight or sound camp?

Every singer will fall into one of two camps: sight or sound. Which camp you are in is determined by which part of your brain is most active when you sing. Some singers learn music through sight, in other words, with the help of music notation. Other singers learn music through sound, in other words, with the help of what they hear. In this episode, Mark challenges all singers to stretch themselves in the camp that is opposite to theirs.

What is Sing Better?

Sing Better is the podcast that let’s you power up your vocal development with legendary vocal coach, Mark Baxter. Mark gives you the insight you need on becoming a singer, earning money, vocal health, gear and technique.

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