Self Perception, Limitations and Potential

We’ve selected three quotations for you to reflect on as you consider your path with singing and performing.

Each quote raises a different issue and contains a seed for further direction.

Underneath the quotes are some questions for reflection.

3 Quotations for Self Reflection

The most important part of being a musician and a human is making time for reflection or else you won’t know your butt from a doorknob. —Louise Rose, entertainer

Sure, I’ve sat around for months being depressed. But I kept on singing, digging down deeper into my soul — and people gravitated towards the emotion in my songs. —Michael Grimm, winner of America’s Got Talent, Season Five

Persistence and courage are more important than talent. —Eric Maisel, PhD, leading creativity coach


Which quote are you most drawn to?

Why are you drawn to that quote?

As you think of directions you could travel in performing or working on skills – and you consider that quote – what are some ideas that come mind?

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