Self-Care for a Singer’s Lifestyle

6 singers have come together to share their top tips for developing and maintaining wellness as a part of their singers lifestyle! From mentality & physicality to the ways we engage with others, these insights offer a great roadmap for self-care.


Physical Fitness

Beth Rohde

Maintaining a high level of physical fitness. This is something I’ve worked hard at over the past year.

I am 53, and I am stronger and healthier than I was when I was 23.

My fitness affects all aspects of my life. I don’t get sick and I have more mobility and strength than ever.  I have more energy for my family, business, teaching and performing. I also feel more relaxed, centered and able to focus after a great workout.


Treat Yourself Gently

Suzi McGregor

A self-care strategy that works for me is gentle humming and stretching. I try to get my voice to vibrate gently and softly, imagining it buzzing through my body from head to toe. And then I visualize light flooding into my body with a positive intention. I also am learning how to better balance work/life.

Sometimes I think I am ‘relaxing’ but I am actually still working on some creative project or other!

Figuring out how to truly switch off and get some real down time is becoming an important part of learning how to take good care of myself as an artist.


Setting Boundaries

Milica Kiprovski

Self care is huge for me. I do everything from buying myself flowers, taking baths, walks, journaling, massages etc. you are your biggest investment and we must see it as a necessity not a luxury.

But self care to me is more than just a bubble bath.

I’ve learnt to set boundaries with family and friends. I say no to things and projects that I don’t believe in. If I feel used in this industry, I speak up, which I didn’t used to do.

I also take care of my body and voice like a freak! No screaming at loud restaurants, no alcohol, and no stress! Music is my life so I take care of it like a newborn baby!


Get Physical!

Chase Ward & Johnny Lovello

Whenever I have a crappy day, nothing makes me feel better than working out. Whether it’s going to the gym, doing yoga or punching a boxing bag, I always feel great after. It’s also a great time for me to listen to music.

I think it’s a great way to connect what I’m doing physically to what I’m feeling mentally. Making sure that I’m in the right headspace is important, so I make sure to influence that with my music.

Additionally, the times I am trying to work out a problem, I do best to not focus on it actually. Sometimes it’s better to take a step back and analyze the situation than to focus on one part. If I’m in a creative rut when working on my music, I’ll do some exercise and step out of the creative environment for a bit, and usually that change of pace gives me a fresh mind to work with when I step back in my creative space.


Pour Into Others

Grace Gonzalez

Self care is really important to me. I have been using my mornings for self care to start the day off well. This year especially I’ve been really into starting my day with a latte in bed while listening to “The Bible In a Year” podcast. I also have been doing Erin Oprea’s workout app for 60ish days, and it’s amazing self care.

When I’m losing my center and feeling off, I really like to pour into others so I don’t focus on my problems as much. They’re so small in the grand scheme of things.

Another self care tip is buying myself ice cream or flowers- that always goes a long way.

Suzi McGregor trained as a classical vocalist at Goldsmiths University, graduating in 2013. She left London and travelled the America’s, living on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for 5 years, returning periodically to the UK to see family and take further training. She returned to the UK in 2019, and has since been developing herself as a 1:1 vocal coach, performer, and songwriter. 

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Beth Rohde is a performer, educator and music director. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree from USC.  She has performed on 5 continents as a solo artist and with Les Brown’s Band of Renown. Beth has recorded jingles for Radio Concepts and Cartoon Network as well as coached vocalists for TV including American Idol, Fix My Choir, and the Christmas Caroler Challenge. She has taught at some of the nation’s leading institutions including McNally Smith College of Music and USC Thornton School of Music. Beth currently performs under her name and with the bands Pretzel Logic and Vento Sul.  She is the current music director for Coast Music and College Audition LA.

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Milica Kiprovski is known for her versatile and unique vocal styles which spread across many genres such as jazz, pop, rock and RnB. In addition to English, MILICA sings in Macedonian, Serbian and Arabic and has released 2 Macedonian albums. MILICA was recently asked to open for the American Chambers of Commerce, singing both the U.S and Australian National Anthems. MILICA is currently working on her original songs for her English album.


Lovello is a Victoria based Pop duo consisting of childhood friends, Johnny Friend and Chase Ward. Blending influences rooted in Jazz, Pop Rock, EDM and Indie, Lovello brings a new take on modern Pop music. 

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Grace Gonzalez’s voice & songs have gained the attention of Grammy-Award winning producer Trina Shoemaker, American Songwriter Magazine, & even a major automobile company that reached out to Gonzalez to license her song, “Little Piece of Home” for their upcoming project. Gonzalez’s emotional songs are fueled by a constant pursuit of truth which brings out undertones of existentialism, mental health, & spirituality in her lyrics. Her roots are planted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but she’s since landed in Nashville, Tennessee.

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