Samson Q7 Live Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Samson Q7 Microphone
Are you looking for a low-cost mic to start your singing career?

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This is a budget friendly microphone that is durable and can handle high SPLs. It sounds great considering the price, but if you want to spend more there are some better sounding microphones.

At a Glance

Samson’s Q7 is a supercardioid dynamic microphone designed to provide top quality sound reproduction in a variety of live and studio applications, including vocals, guitar cabinets and drums. Despite its low-cost, this mic has been built to be durable, able to handle high SPLs to allow live vocals to be clear no matter how loud you sing. It features a rugged die-cast body and hardened steel grille, along with a multi-axis, shock-mounted capsule for minimizing handling noise.

High Notes

The mic tight pickup pattern is designed to have excellent off-axis rejection enabling it to pick up all the nuances of any vocal performance while reducing feedback and unwanted signals not originating in front of the mic. The Q7 has a frequency response of 80Hz-12kHz that is tailored for live vocals and incorporates a low frequency roll-off to minimize any excessive proximity effects.  It comes with a mic stand clip and carry case; however, if this is your first live mic set up, you can get the Q7 in a package with a low-noise mic cable, stand and a gig bag (Q7VP).

Off Pitch

There are better sounding microphones if you are willing to spend more, however there is little to fault considering the price of the Q7.

Audio-Savvy Reviewer Says

The Samson Q7 offers great value for money for singers starting to do their first live shows. Although it is primarily recommended for live vocals, it can also function well on snare drums, guitar cabinets or even brass. On vocals, the Q7 has a clear and forward sound with a slight boost of warmth when you get close to the grille. Whether you are looking for your first live microphone or a low-cost option for backing vocalists, the Samson Q7 is definitely worth trying out. – Chris Kennedy

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