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Can this mic capture the classic sound of a U47 for a fraction of the cost?

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Although it is not the closest U47 “clone” on the market, this is still a classy sounding microphone that can enhance the right voice.

At a Glance

The WA-47 is Warm Audio’s take on the iconic Neumann U47 microphone, which has been the top choice for many singers for decades. It costs around a tenth the price of a new (Telefunken) U47, putting it in the reach of singers recording at home or in smaller studios who dream of recording on the same mic as their singing heroes.

High Notes

The WA-47 is capable of great sounding vocal recordings. It has an enhanced low-end that helps give singers the “larger than life” sound that is often desired in studio recordings. The mic features a custom-made reproduction of a vintage k47 style capsule and a nine position pickup pattern switch on the power supply. It comes with a protective storage box and a shock-mount.

Off Pitch

If you are looking for an exact replica of a vintage U47 then you may be disappointed. Due to the target price for the microphone, Warm Audio have had to make a few design and component changes from the original. If you are looking for a closer copy, then there are other manufacturers such as Flea or Wunder that you may want to consider instead (or you could buy Telefunken’s reissue version).

Audio-Savvy Reviewer Says

Having read a lot of user comments on this microphone I was expecting something quite special and, in all honesty, I was slightly disappointed with how it sounded on my voice. That said, I have heard recordings of other singers that sounded great with a WA-47. I found that my vocals became too muddy due to the low-frequency boost created by the mic, however I am a bass and on a tenor, or a female singer, the boost could likely give a nice bit of warmth. Although I did not have a vintage U47 to compare it to; having listened to a few online shootouts comparing it to an original, I do feel there is a bit of magic missing. This is perhaps an unfair comparison as it costs a fraction of the price and, all things considered, it is a great microphone on the sub-$1000 category that impresses on many levels and, on the right voice, can sound amazing.

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