Review: Tascam TA-1VP Channel Strip with Auto-Tune

Tascam TA-1VP
Ever wanted to use Auto-Tune in a live setting?

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Despite all the features this effects processor includes, it does not include reverb or delay. However, if you are looking to use auto-tune in a live setting then the Tascam TA-1VP is a good option.

At a Glance

This Vocal Processor features technology created by Antares, the makers of Auto-Tune. It is designed for both live and studio use, and as well as offering real-time pitch correction, it also features a compressor, mic modeller, de-esser, gate, EQ, doubling effect and a tube warmth effect. The unit comes in a rack-mount format and comes with a range of preset sounds to get you started.

High Notes

Elements such as auto-tune can be turned on and off with a footswitch (purchased separately). It has an on-board mic preamp with phantom power; however it can also be used as a line-level insert effect if your mixing desk supports the feature. The auto-tune effect can be adjusted to sound more natural or artificial depending on your requirements and scales can be customized to fit individual songs. The mic modelling section is designed to make your live mic sound more like a range of studio mics and the unit has a wide enough range of options for most users to find something they like.

Off Pitch

The device can be complicated and time consuming to set up. There are no reverb/delay effects, so you will need to use a separate processor to complete your vocal effects chain. When using pitch correction live, it is not a particularly quick task to alter the tuning scale in the middle of a song, and leaving it in fully chromatic mode leaves the risk of vocals possibly being tuned to the wrong note. Finally the device is very expensive in Europe in comparison to the USA.

Audio-Savvy Reviewer Says

 If you are looking to use auto-tune in a live setting then the Tascam TA-1VP offers a great way of getting the effect without the need for a computer to run the Antares plug-in. The other effects are a welcome bonus, however its not the simplest device to use compared to some of the competition and it can take some time going through the various menus to get the compressors and gates setup correctly in the first place. – Chris Kennedy

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