Research: The Benefits of Choir Singing

Choristers holding music
Choristers are musically "happy" compared to the general population of singers

We’re really fortunate that Singdaptive has a great relationship with hundreds of choirs across the world though our regular choir interviews featured on our blog site.

We decided to partner with these choirs to do some original research comparing choristers to other singers in order to discover what unique strengths and interests – if any – charactize  choir singers.  So, we surveyed over a thousand singers between October 2019 and February 2020.  We are still analyzing the results but wanted you to have this preview before we release the full paper.

The values of singers

Research covered six broad values areas for singers: being artistically free, audience engaging, musically informed, audio savvy, performance ready and vocally healthy. Singers’ current development and interest in these values is self-assessed and, in some cases, was measured quantitatively. Data was compared against singers who do not currently participate in choral singing. The data for the research was collected through an online survey. 

Here are some of the results:

Choristers are confident

There are several areas where choir singers rate themselves more positively than non-choir singers:

We anticipated that choristers would be reaping many musical rewards by being in a choir – but not to this high degree when compared to other singers. 

Project oriented

Choristers like the idea of being a part of someone else’s music project and appear to learn music theory naturally along the way.

These results show that there are many people who want to sing without carrying the burden of an entire production. Choir singers reap benefits of being able to focus only on singing. And one of these benefits is to learn music naturally. 

Concerns of potential choristers

Those interested in joining a choir feel more “exposed” musically than current choristers

This data could indicate that messages to potential choristers that stress the opportunity to build singing and performance confidence in a safe atmosphere could be effective.  

This has been a preview of a “white paper” which will be coming next month. 

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