Rekindling the Creative Flame

Singdpaptive Instagram followers share their ideas for getting into a creative mindset for singing & songwriting.

We asked some of our Instagram followers to share their creative practices and tricks for igniting inspiration with our community. Here are their top tips:


Self Kindness

Suzi McGregor

I have been writing a lot in my journal.  I’m honouring the ebbs and flows of creativity and giving it space rather than expecting it to be there all the time. 

I try to be kind towards my creativity and start to respect it as a totally valid part of myself that needs nurturing. 

I’ve also found that following “The Artists Way” guidebook has been really encouraging in this process.


Old Movies

Milica Kiprovski 

I do a lot of meditation and journaling to keep my creative channels open. I find it hard to “sit down and write music” I work better just by flow and the natural downloads that come to me. My best songs usually come whilst washing dishes or making dinner. 

But I love to be inspired so I watch documentaries, old movies from my childhood and even different eras to really inspire something new within me. 

Creativity to me is all about inspiration and clear channels.

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Listen to Cool Artists

Chase Ward & Johnny Friend | Lovello

I think Harry Styles is the bomb for inspiration and genre bending. When I first heard his solo stuff, I was baffled at how he was classified as “Pop”. He’ll do a pop song reminiscent of his One Direction days, but then he’ll turn around and do something completely different.

On his first record you can hear the influence of Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, or even Black Sabbath.

On his second album, he’ll crank out a six minute psychedelic guitar solo similar to David Gilmour, and then he’ll turn around and do something right out of Paul Simon’s book or even Paul McCartney and Wings. He’s all over the show but it’s HIS show, and that has been a great influence on me and my take on modern Pop music. 


Be Non-Creative! 

Beth Rohde

I know this sounds kind of odd, but…

I am so dying to be creative after many long days and hours of non creative administrative work.

I find my gigs are so much more fun and I am far more creative when I get that much needed opening.


Chase Down Emotions

Grace Gonzalez

My emotions help me in getting creative lately. I’ve used songwriting to process them. 

I like to chase down emotions and capture them in a song- whether that’s happiness, sadness, or anything in between.

That generally looks like me just spewing out lyrics/melodies with my voice memos running to capture anything good. I go back through later and write down the lyrics in my notes section if it’s still a song in the back of my mind. I find that if I forget the song, it’s not worth revisiting. Sometimes the scene can feel pretty empty and dark, so remembering my “why” which has nothing to do with status or recognition can be really grounding

More about our Instagrammers

Suzi McGregor trained as a classical vocalist at Goldsmiths University, graduating in 2013. She left London and travelled the America’s, living on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for 5 years, returning periodically to the UK to see family and take further training. She returned to the UK in 2019, and has since been developing herself as a 1:1 vocal coach, performer, and songwriter.

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Beth Rohde is a performer, educator and music director. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree from USC.  She has performed on 5 continents as a solo artist and with Les Brown’s Band of Renown. Beth has recorded jingles for Radio Concepts and Cartoon Network as well as coached vocalists for TV including American Idol, Fix My Choir, and the Christmas Caroler Challenge. She has taught at some of the nation’s leading institutions including McNally Smith College of Music and USC Thornton School of Music. Beth currently performs under her name and with the bands Pretzel Logic and Vento Sul.  She is the current music director for Coast Music and College Audition LA.

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Milica Kiprovski is known for her versatile and unique vocal styles which spread across many genres such as jazz, pop, rock and RnB. In addition to English, MILICA sings in Macedonian, Serbian and Arabic and has released 2 Macedonian albums. MILICA was recently asked to open for the American Chambers of Commerce, singing both the U.S and Australian National Anthems. MILICA is currently working on her original songs for her English album.


Lovello is a Victoria based Pop duo consisting of childhood friends, Johnny Friend and Chase Ward. Blending influences rooted in Jazz, Pop Rock, EDM and Indie, Lovello brings a new take on modern Pop music. 

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Grace Gonzalez’s voice and songs have gained the attention of Grammy-Award winning producer Trina Shoemaker, American Songwriter Magazine, and even a major automobile company that reached out to Gonzalez to license her song, “Little Piece of Home” for their upcoming project. Gonzalez’s emotional songs are fueled by a constant pursuit of truth which brings out undertones of existentialism, mental health, and spirituality in her lyrics. Her roots are planted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but she’s since landed in Nashville, Tennessee where she’s been showcased in series like Belmont University’s Showcase Series. 

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