Quizzes and Notes Come Alive

We're hard at work on quizzes and note taking for our lessons. Find out why these features are so important.

Web development is a lot like singing. As a singer preparing for a performance, you may often decide to break down what you’re practicing into smaller chunks. We develop our web-based learning platform the same way.

One of our current development chunks is quizzes and journaling/note-taking.

Yup, there is a test!

Every lesson on Singdaptive will include a quiz. Why?

Amongst the benefits of online learning is the following challenge: how do you know you’re learning what was intended by the instructor? In a classroom setting this could easily happen through eye contact, gestures and questions. In the user controlled environment of self-directed online learning, quizzes can be a useful way to make sure learners are aligned with the content of a lesson.

Some quiz takers want to be top of the class. We’ll present your results with gold stars just like you’d expect at any school. However, the true benefit of working on quizzes until you’ve got all the questions right, is that you’re aligned with the goals the instructor had for their students.

Every lesson, every quiz and every quiz question is associated with our values and subjects. This lets singers know how their progress in learning aligns with their needs and goals as a singer.

We think the quizzes are pretty darn cool.

Put it in Your Diary

We mentioned Actions in a previous posts. Specifically, we talked about the importance of reflecting when learning. Making notes, asking yourself a question and writing what comes to mind can be critical in making what we learn applicable in real-life situations.

We are currently testing out our note-taking / journaling features (we’ll come up with some fancy name soon:-) These features allow you to reflect on our actions and come back to those thoughts later. It’s a great routine to get into.

I have an Idea

We hope that hearing about our various features gets you thinking about the possibilities of online learning as a singer.

If you have some specific ideas you want to suggest. Click the chat icon in the bottom left and propose an idea. We’d love to hear from you.

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