Process Your Emotions

We’re not automatons able to throw ourselves into each and every task before us with gusto, dat after day.

Failures, losses, rejections, and inexplicable low feelings can “hi-jack” our best intentions.

That’s why vocal coach Simone Niles encourages singers to take some time out to process their emotions. She says that singers have a fantastic tool to do this – their voices!

Steps to Follow

These are the steps that one can take to process their emotions:

1. find a quiet, and private space

2. Identify one challenge or event in your life that you wish to apply this excercise to. It is important that you only focus on one – you can repeat these steps for other challenges.

3. Focus on the emotions that are raised by this challenge/event.

4. Now, make some sounds – any sound at all that connects with the emotions you feel.

5. Sing some chromatic scales (ascending or descending – or both; to remind yourself what this is, watch Athena’s first scales in the video), while holding that emotion and event in mind.

6. Finally, shift away from that challenge/event and consider the present moment. Sing some arpeggios while allowing yourself to feel grounded in the present.

Working through these steps brings us back to the demands of our day – which we can enter into with more energy because we have spent some time working through our feelings.

To read more on this area see Simone’s Article Use Your Voice to Overcome Personal Challenges

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