Positive Singing-Housekeeping | Fall In Love with Your Voice Again

It could be just the right time for the practical step of tidying your music life...
Published: January 26, 2021

Positive Singing-Housekeeping

It seems we never have time to do housekeeping within our singing lives! We may not have many performances happening during the global pandemic, so this might be the time to invest in a little tidying. This might raise your spirits – and also help you to be more performance ready when gatherings are allowed to happen again (we live in hope…).

We singers may not have external instruments to carry around, but we do use gear – mic stands, music stands, music folders. How about taking one or two of these and taking action? I know in my life, things can easily get out of control, yet when I organize anything to do with singing, it’s more likely that vocal magic happens. Not all of these will apply to every singer, but I’m certain some of these will apply to you:

  1. File and organize your sheet music, fake books or chord sheets.
  2. Find and sharpen a bunch of pencils with working erasers on them.
  3. Shop for new clothes to perform in. Those that wear makeup may want to stock up on makeup items too.
  4. If you use amplification, test all your cables and fix or throw out any that are suspicious or broken.
  5. Tighten the bolts on your music stand.
  6. If you use a tuner, metronome or wireless mic, replace the batteries!
  7. Dump out your “gig bag” and reorganize. 
  8. Stock up on your favorite voice care remedies in preparation for your next cold.
  9. Clean and find all your water bottles and straws that you use for drinking and bubbling exercises.
  10. If you use vocal processing, organize and edit your presets.

Just think how easy life will be when you start singing together again in person! 

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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