Pen-Pals With Julie Andrews! — Dynamix Children’s Choir

Confident on stage and in the real world - this kids choir never ceases to reach for the stars in rehearsals, competitions, and via the postal service!


Choir Name:  The Dynamix Children’s Choir ( pronounced Dynamics)
Location:  Bournemouth, UK
Style:  Broadway/West-End, Light popular music
Number of singers:  8
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A memorable moment for your choir?

The children sent a signed photo of our choir with little messages to our hero Dame Julie Andrews and we had a lovely reply with some personal comments from Dame Julie, plus a signed photo! (We now have it framed!)

Assistant’s note included with the signed photo personalized from Dame Julie Andrews.

How does your choir bond as a group? 

Beach time and visits to the Ice Cream Parlour! 

What was a very special performance and what made it special?

Participating in the National Choir of the Year competition. Winning the heat for the South-West of England in our category and winning the overall choir of the day across the adult, youth and children’s category! 

Why was that? 

I think because we are such a tiny choir, it gave us such a massive confidence boost. To think that such young children could compete and win their heat over all the sections including Youth and ADULT CHOIRS; QUITE ASTOUNDING.

A favorite warm up exercise?

Singing numbers in a round!

A funny moment in rehearsal

When a child sings with excessive vibrato just being silly! 

A favorite inspirational quote

“First think, second dream, third believe and finally dare!” — Walt Disney 

Dynamix Children’s Choir perform the well known Oliver classic Where Is Love? on Location in Dorset, UK. (2018)

A favorite piece of repertoire & why  

Mary Poppins – Great fun! 

What was one lesson you learned from being in a competition?

Never underestimate children!

Any specific times when the kids surprised you?

Referring to the Choir of the Year competition, we entered purely for experience, and I never thought of them winning their heat in a million years. The children totally surprised me, raised their game, were not intimidated by the 50-70 strong choirs at all. They stood their ground as just 8 little ones and sang their hearts out.

Any tips you feel are most effective when working with kids? 

We have recently introduced some simple games at the start of rehearsal like musical statues for example. This seems to relax the children and allows them to associate the rehearsal with having fun as well as working hard. Give them a treat a couple of times a year, like a trip to the ice cream parlour as a reward :-)

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