Overcome Your Singing Doubts | How to Develop Mental Strength for Your Singing Work

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Practical ways to overcome singing anxiety so you can express yourself more fully.
Published: June 1 2021

Overcome Your Singing Doubts

On the day of my recent livestream concert, I was once again reminded of the incredible mental battle I engage in with myself before a performance. I’ve been doing it for decades. I question my preparation – I’m not well-enough prepared! I question my worthiness – Who wants to even listen to me? I question my ability – I’m going to really screw up big time! 

After decades of being a singer, I have trained myself to answer those fears with different messages. 

To the worry of, “I’m not well-enough prepared” I turn to practical questions: what can I do in the time I have left that will help my performance? Can I write a few cheats on my set list to glance at if I need? Can I carve out a quiet 30 mins well in advance of show time to calm my mind and go over my arrangements and lyrics? Then finally, I say to myself, if I have failed to prepare well enough, I will find out at the performance and I will use it as an opportunity to better myself for next time. 

To the worry of, “Who even wants to listen to me,” I tell myself, “Kathy, you have nothing to prove to anyone. You love to sing and you love connecting with others. Some people will resonate with you and others won’t. Your job is to stay true to your mission – share what you have prepared, and share it with love.”

To the worry of, “I’m going to screw up big time,” I say to myself, there’s no need to be perfect, your job is to be as authentic as you can. Your job is to express something real. Something that matters to you. Even if your voice isn’t feeling 100% today. As long as you do that, a few imperfections won’t matter.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

How to Develop Mental Strength for Your Singing Work

Singers face the same challenges that have confronted humans for millenia: mental “static” and loss of focus. This course gives you practical ways to develop mental stamina in your body, mind and soul.

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